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Sessions College Faculty

Meet the faculty who teach at Sessions College. Our faculty members are industry-leading artists and designers who bring together decades of professional and educational experience to deliver excellent courses and online instruction. They are recruited for their knowledge of the industry and excellence in creating and teaching design.

Sessions College Instructors

Kristen Becker - Advertising Design
Kristen is both an educator and a graphic & business designer specializing in e-commerce.

Bruce Bicknell - Multimedia Arts
Bruce is a writer, instructor, illustrator, animator, Web designer, video editor, and marketing pro.

Jeremy Bratt - Graphic Design
Jeremy is a UK based brand designer, consultant, and account director of October Design.

Fiorella Carretti - Fine Arts
Fiorella is a sculptor, textile artist, and art educator originally from Florence, Italy.

Joe Casabona - Web Design
Joe is a Web developer, author, and teacher who focuses primarily on WordPress and mobile development.

Lynne Cuda - General Education
Lynne is an IT professional with a Master's degree in Computing Science from Texas A&M.

Bill Drastal - Illustration
Bill is a cartoonist and animator with Webcomic and game industry experience.

Geoph Essex - Multimedia Arts
Geoph is a Web and multimedia developer, programmer, animator, and educator.

Catherine George - Web Design
Catherine is a digital media designer, developer, and instructor.

Jennifer Gutterman - Game Art
Jennifer is a 3D artist, concept designer, and educator.

Paul Halupka - Graphic Design
Paul specializes in print design, layout design, identity work, and typography.

Michael Hamm - Digital Arts
Michael is a Senior Visual Designer and Web developer.

Aya Kakeda - Illustration
Aya is an award-winning illustrator and fine artist.

Ashlie Kauffman - Advertising Design
Ashlie is a copywriter, editor, and educator.

Felicia Kieselhorst - Digital Photography
Felicia is a veteran wedding and product photographer.

Len Kornblau - Advertising Design
Len is an advertising professional and educator.

Lyndsey Lesh - Illustration
Lyndsey Lyndsey Lesh is an artist and illustrator.

Boris Margolin - Graphic Design
Boris is a logo, branding, and Web specialist with his own design company.

Greg Marlow - Digital Media
Greg is a freelance animator and digital artist.

Piper Nilsson - Web Design
Piper is a graphic designer, information architect, and educator.

Jessica Peltz - Graphic Design
Jessica is an experienced creative director.

Margaret Penney - Multimedia Arts
Margaret is a teacher, designer, writer and media artist.

Jose Ramos - Graphic Design
Jose is an Adobe Certified Design Master with his own design and consulting studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Jordon Schranz - Fine Arts
Jordon is a Detroit based audio/visual artist and designer.

Hannah Shaffer - Web Design
Hannah is a Web and game designer.

Andrew Shalat - Graphic Des/Dig Arts
Andrew is an author, designer/illustrator, educator, and Mac expert.

Nathaniel Stein - Game Art
Nathaniel is a 3D artist, writer, and Maya expert.

Elke Sudin - Illustration
Elke is a visual artist and illustrator.

Taz Tally - Digital Arts
Taz is an industry-leading author and educator in pre-press and color correction techniques.

James Waynauskas - Digital Photography
James is a professional photographer with more than 10 years experience.

Matthew Williams - Digital Photography
Matthew is an award-winning freelance photographer.

Carolyn Zaikowski - General Education
Carolyn is a writer and educator with degrees in psychology and creative writing.

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