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Tuition and Fees

Vocational Certificate Programs

This page lists current tuition and fees for Professional and Advanced Certificate programs. We firmly believe in providing the highest value for your tuition dollar. Our tuition is over 50% affordable than other design colleges. The latest proof of our affordability has just been published on the U.S. Department of Education's website, where we were ranked in the top 10 most affordable colleges in its category. To enroll, students must pay tuition and a registration fee. Tuition may be paid in full or paid by payment plan.

All program tuition and fees are fixed and any enrollment benefits are offered for a limited time and available to all students during that time. Sessions College reserves the right to change its tuition and fees as necessary at any time.

May 2016 Tuition

Professional Certificate
Advanced Certificate Concentrations $999 each
Program Extension Option $25/month
*Autobill on a monthly basis until program completed or cancelled.

All tuition includes a digital materials fee. Students can pay tuition in full or by payment plan.

* Advanced Certificate students select one or more areas of concentration. Total program tuition at enrollment is based on number of concentrations selected.

Standard concentration $999
Freelance concentration $1,499
Learn more about concentrations or contact an Admissions Advisor for details.

General Fees

Enrollment in any certificate program requires a $200 registration fee (non-refundable five days after beginning of Orientation class or submission of first assignment). All tuition and fees must be paid on time, including those paid by third parties. No certificates or final transcripts will be issued until all bills due Sessions are paid in full.

Course Materials and Supplies

No textbooks are required. All coursework and materials required to complete Sessions College programs are provided in an online learning environment, including orientation materials, lectures, exercises, discussion forums, videos, and multimedia tools. Published tuition includes a digital materials fee for updates to course or program content:

Course $25
Concentration $50/100
Professional Certificate $250

Students are responsible for ensuring they have the computer, Internet connection, and any required supplies or software programs for specific classes. Please check program requirements pages for more information. Requirements for: graphic design, Web design, multimedia arts, digital arts, marketing design, game art, fine arts. Discounts are available for enrolled students.

Individual Course Enrollment

Students can enroll in certificate-level courses on a self-paced, non-credit basis. Each course must be completed within 3 months. Course tuition is as follows:

  Tuition Digital Materials Fee Registration Fee Total Cost
3-Lesson Course $299 $25 $50 $374
6-Lesson Course $499 $25 $50 $574
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