DANGER: Hilarious Graphics Ahead

To laugh in the face of danger has always been advised against. But when it comes to public safety and warning illustrations, this doesn’t always seem to be kept in mind. These signs are not approved by OSHA, so have a laugh and please, take care of your head.

Image via FunnyAsianSign.com

He must do yoga.

(Image via Smosh.com)

Just… no.

(Image via Smosh.com)

If you came for the dumplings…there are none.

(Image via Smosh.com)

Falling may cause involuntary jazz hands.

(Image via wizzly.com)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…nope, that is definitely a parachuting bear.

(Image via Smosh.com)

When machines attack

(Image via Notcot.com)

We might need a caption for this one… suggest one in the comments!

(Image via Smosh.com)

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