Online Comic Creation Process


First, I think of an idea. In comics, no matter how good your illustration skills might be, your comic will still be a flop if your idea sucks. I carry around a Moleskine notebook for my ideas (whether illustration or writing).

For multi-panel strips like Will Write For Chocolate, I’ve created Corel Painter templates of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-panel strips.
I’ll usually type in the text first, then create a new layer and sketch in the art using a variant of the Smooth Round Pen, using a light grey.

Then I do the b&w drawing on a separate layer, colors in other layers. I usually keep colors on different layers so they’re easier to work with. When I’m happy with the result, I’ll delete the “sketch” layer, flatten everything into one layer, shrink it to the required dimensions and convert to JPG before uploading.

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