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SF Design Week, A Deep Dive Into Design

What's happening out west? Program notes from the Bay Area's annual meeting of design minds.

Focus Booster for Productivity: App Review

Feeling distracted? Focus booster is a free desktop app that aims to help improve your focus and productivity.

Freelance Tip: The Importance of Keeping a Schedule

What's the first thing you do on a Monday morning? How many times do you "snooze" the alarm clock before rolling out of bed? If you want to make it as a freelancer, you've got to get scheduled.

Underground Branding: SVA Subway Poster Exhibition

It's true, many of the greatest designers in the world have designed subway ads for SVA.

Web Design Trend Watch: Flat Design

"Flatness" has replaced skeuomorphism as the predominant trend in UI design. Is it a passing phase, or is flat design here to stay?

Conference Preview: HOW Design Live

How and also why to attend HOW Design Live conference in Boston in May.

Stock Photography: Is it Boring?

I’m willing to bet that when most people think of stock images, they don't have a ‘stand alone’ picture in mind. Rather than something you might frame on your wall, stock is surely more about basic, safe and often mundane subjects.

Do I need a graphic design degree? 5 benefits that say “yes”

Although some designers “make it” in the design industry without a degree, the majority of us aren’t born with that special balance of talent and luck. No matter your skill level, getting your education is something that will benefit you greatly.