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Facebook Snags… Hipsters?

Instagram, “the future of startups,” as coined by Business Insider in September 2011, was purchased on April 9th for $1 billion in a combination of cash and shares by Facebook, forming a powerhouse of photo sharing. Instagram launched in iPhone’s App Store

Call for Entries: 2012 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

The 2012 Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) is open for entries! This dynamic competition recognizes talented student designers and school faculty world-wide using Adobe software in the fields of graphic design, photography, illustration, animation, digital film, and computer arts.

Project Glass: One Day

Get ready to be blown away. Earlier this week, Google released a demonstration video for ‘Project Glass,’ the code name for the highly anticipated Google Glasses, and took the world through a day in the life of a Google Glasses owner.

A Gaming Article

On April 4th, the New York Times posted a cover story on what author Sam Anderson calls “stupid games.” Yes, Sam Anderson has openly labeled Angry Birds, along with its posse of mobile games with similar simple and addictive experiences, as “stupid

The Process of Failure

Who is afraid of failure? Just about everyone, right? Blame the school system with the stark grades on a report card or red letters at the top of a report. Blame childhoods, blame the media, blame anyone or any system you choose. Yet here

DANGER: Hilarious Graphics Ahead

To laugh in the face of danger has always been advised against. But when it comes to public safety and warning illustrations, this doesn’t always seem to be kept in mind. These signs are not approved by OSHA, so have a laugh and please,

iPad 3 Retina Display: Trouble in Paradise

Suffering the fate of many new product releases, Apple’s new iPad has been showered with complaints since release. One of the major complaints is about the Retina display. Everything looks better on the new iPad – except for most Web sites, magazines and images.

A Designers Guide to “Azz Words”

If you have worked as a graphic designer for any length of time, you may have heard a few terms thrown around by your clients as they critique your work. You have tried your best to present a well-executed and thoughtfully designed piece and