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Layar: Making Print Interactive

While doomsayers speak of the print industry being pushed to extinction, innovative company Layar has taken revitalization of the medium their own hands. Committed to "make the print world clickable," Layar is bringing print to life.

GD USA American Web Design Awards 2012

As online design has continued to grow over the past decade (an estimated 72% of graphic designers are now also involved in aspects of Web design) the American Web Design Awards has made its way into the limelight.

Dr. Taz Tally on Black and White Photography

Dr. Taz Tally is an accomplished landscape photographer, experienced digital photography instructor, principal of Taz Tally Photography and Taz Tally Seminars, holds a Ph.D. in geology, and is a faculty member of Sessions College.

Nokia’s Global Font

Consistent branding is important for any business. And the larger the business, the more important having a consistent look and feel becomes. For international companies this can pose a bit of a problem, especially when it comes to typography.

Contribute to NoD

We know that many of our readers are passionate, experienced designers with a wealth of knowledge to share with the design community. We'd love for you to use NoD to share your voice and your insight.

Art That Moves

How are you inspired? What makes your head settle, what do you do to find inspiration? For me personally, it's movement. A walk, a run, a bicycle ride will make me feel like all is right in the world.

PrintRunner Giveaway: 2 Sets of 100 Postcards

NoD and PrintRunner have teamed up to giveaway two (2) sets of 100 postcards to two (2) lucky readers!

Gain Conference: AIGA

To help spread design business knowledge to other creatives, AIGA (and various partners) are hosting a conference to connect and share their wealth of experience and expertise with the creative community. Here’s the rundown.