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Signs of Spring

Today marks the first day of spring. It's the Equinox and it has been unseasonably warm out here in the Northeast. If it seems as though spring is early this year, it is! confirms that the vernal equinox is, in fact, earlier

Noma Bar for Wallpaper* Magazine

For April’s Global Design issue of Wallpaper* Magazine , London-based illustrator Noma Bar was commissioned to represent eight different countries with eight exclusive newsstand covers. The countries represented are the USA, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Scandinavia, Spain and Italy.

Behance Network Launches Student Show

The Behance Student Show Gallery supports emerging design students by getting their work in front of creative professionals who can offer advice, critiques or even job positions. And best of all, membership is free!

CityMaps: An Interactive Logo Playground

Urban areas are a mecca for shopping, browsing, exploring, eating and drinking. And with a dense population, you have more options, hidden gems, and sales all over. But how is one to find all them during the daily grind from point A to point

A Blank a Day

What do you do every day? Brush your teeth, put on your shoes, make your coffee. What else do you do every day? Can you fit in one more task? Will that task change your life? The [blank]-a-day format is a popular one

HTML5 Finds a Home in eLearning

When Adobe announced its suspension of Flash Player development, it became clear that there would be a shift to development using HTML5. In a short time, this triggered a wave of change to Web site (from big business to personal) and mobile app and

Social Media, Memes, and Your Work

Word of mouth has always been the best advertiser; people are more willing to try a new brand, a new restaurant or a new service based on their friends' advice. Social media takes word of mouth beyond conversations over the water cooler and to

Infographics: Are They Here to Stay?

Through information graphics, or infographics, complex information that would normally be heavy in text form can be presented quickly and clearly. We see infographics almost everywhere now.