Pas a Pas: Introducing geometry to children with stop motion animation.


Pas a Pas is prototype education tool designed by Copenhagen based designer Ishac Bertran while studying at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. It allows children to record simple stop motion animations using geometric objects and cartridges, which contain various exercises, via a platform that is designed to engage with its user and foster individual and group based learning.

It enables stop motion animation to be a tangible and accessible process for children in an academic environment, breaking it down into a simple and easy to understand process. The interface enables the children to learn the process themselves once they have been given a run through by their educator, the technology has designed so that it can be adapted by its users, the children are not limited to what they can create, instead they are encouraged to use their own imagination and individual ideas meaning the tool acts as an aid to learning. The prototype was user-tested at a Montessori kindergarten as the project concept shares the philosophy and educational methods of Montessori educational methods.

Pas a Pas is an interactive educational tool for schools that enables children to learn and experiment with different sets of elements using animation. It aims to use the physicality and the animated outcome of stop motion animation to bridge the gap between abstract concepts from maths, physics or arts (usually represented by graphs, equations or words) and reality. – Ishac Bertran

Images from Pas a Pas 2010 © Ishac Bertran