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Degree Program Admissions

Credit Transfer

We encourage Associate Degree and Undergraduate Certificate program applicants to transfer college credits from other accredited institutions. With credit transfer, you can get credit for prior education, lower your tuition costs, and accelerate your program. Credit will be accepted for courses that are comparable in level and subject matter to Sessions College degree level courses. Below are school policies on credit transfer for Associate Degree and Undergraduate Certificate programs.

Credit Transfer Policies

Which Courses May Transfer?

Credits will be accepted for college-level courses from nationally or regionally accredited institutions. Courses transferred must be comparable in level and focus to Sessions degree program courses and will be evaluated on an individual basis. Students seeking to transfer credits must have earned a “C” grade (GPA 2.0) or higher.

How Many Credits Can Transfer?

Students can transfer a maximum of 50% of credits to a Sessions College degree level program. The maximum credit awarded per program level is:

  • Associate Degree – 36 credits
  • Undergraduate Certificate – 12 credits


Can I Earn Credit for AP or CLEP Exams?

Students who received a score of 3 or above on high school AP English, Art History, or Psychology exams may receive credit for specific general education requirements. CLEP scores in English and Psychology may also be considered for credit. Official AP and/or CLEP scores must be submitted to Sessions College prior to the registration deadline.

How Is Credit Transfer Calculated?

All credit transfer decisions are at the discretion of the Degree Program Acceptance Committee and made prior to enrollment. All credit transfer requests are based on official transcripts and evaluated on an individual basis.

Is Credit Transfer Evaluation Included?
  • Associate Degree: Credit transfer evaluation is included in your application fee.
  • Undergraduate Certificate: Any student wishing to transfer credit into the Undergraduate Certificate must provide transcripts and a $50 transfer evaluation fee. Credit transfer will be evaluated on the same basis as the general policies above.
Can I Transfer Credits to Other Schools?

Some students may consider further academic study after completing their Sessions College degrees courses or programs. While Sessions College is an accredited school, college credit transfer is never guaranteed (any admissions decision is always at the discretion of the accepting school.) If credit transfer is important to you, you should always check with the college or university that you wish to transfer your credits to before you enroll.

The Bridge Program

Did You Know? Sessions College Professional and Advanced Certificate graduates can enter Associate Degree programs by transferring credits for courses in which their work and grades are strong. Visit the Sessions Academic Bridge program.

Bachelor’s Degree

If you are looking to earn a Bachelor’s degree, you can apply credits from your Sessions College degree to a bachelor’s degree at Excelsior College. Through an exciting academic partnership, graduates from any Sessions College Associate Degree or Undergraduate Certificate programs can now earn a Bachelor’s degree at Excelsior, a regionally accredited online college.