Fall Partner Promotion

Channel Your Creativity

As a designer, you will build a competitive advantage if you are cross-trained among several design areas and have a professional-grade portfolio with a wide range of work. Sessions College offers courses and programs to achieve both of those goals.

Through a partnership with Dawn Nicole Designs we offer an Advanced Certificate program in Graphic Design with a Concentration in Typography.

The 12-month Advanced Certificate program provides a foundation in a design field with a specialization in Typography. All courses replicate real-world situations in the design industry. They are designed to teach you to think more creatively. You will have access to a faculty of industry-leading artists and designers, who will provide you detailed critiques on each piece you submit. When you complete your courses, you’ll have a portfolio full of professional-quality work to present to future clients.

Build a Foundation in Design and Typography


Advanced Certificate Program

Choose your core area of focus and add a concentration:

Concentration – 3 Months

Typography Studio Concentration*

* Course options will vary depending on your choice of core program.

Tuition and Fees

Payment OptionsDetails
A. Payment PlanTuition and Fees: $3,700
Tuition Deposit: $500
12-month payment plan: $275
B. Payment in FullTuition and Fees: $3,625

Promotional tuition and fees valid through August 31st, 2018.

To enroll or find out more, contact or chat live with an Admissions Advisor. This program promotion was developed in association with Dawn Nicole Warnaar.