Alumni Survey Results

by Sessions Staff | April 13, 2010

The results of the 2010 Sessions College alumni survey were published at the end of March. Sent to 434 program graduates, the survey is part of an important initiative to measure the educational outcomes of students who graduate certificate programs. Questions in the survey asked alumni to report their overall program satisfaction, employment status, educational achievement, and demographic profile.

Survey results provided some interesting data points for school administrators.

•    Overall student satisfaction with their programs continued to be high at nearly 90%, months or years after graduation.
•    Employment outcomes seemed to be positive, with 90% of program graduates employed, and 50% of them in creative/technical fields.

The survey helped pinpoint what our graduates thought were the top three benefits of the certificate program:

1.    Acquiring new skills and learning new technology
2.    Applying creative ideas in my art and design projects
3.    Learning to think creatively about art and design

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