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Degree Program Graduations – December 2013

by Sessions Staff | December 30, 2013

On Monday December 23rd, 2013, the following Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree students completed their program requirements. On behalf of faculty and school administration we congratulate these graduates for their many achievements in the program.

Hiba Abugosh, Associate of Occupational Studies in Web Design
Living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hiba Abugosh couldn’t find a program she liked at local universities, so she enrolled at Sessions College, first graduating with an AOS in Graphic Design in Spring 2013, then blazing through her AOS in Web Design to become one of Sessions College’s first dual major graduates!

Throughout her program, Hiba’s talent and positive attitude has been noticed by faculty and staff, and her high quality work has already led to a design job in the Kingdom.

Commented Hiba in a recent interview:  “Studying online as an international student has been a much more satisfying experience than I originally expected. It’s pretty interactive and the instructors are always available and ready to answer my questions. Everyone at Sessions has been very supportive and welcoming and I feel as if I know them all really well, despite having never met in person.”

Donald Apted – Associate of Occupational Studies in Web Design
Retired military serviceman Donald Apted from Georgia enrolled in the AOS program in January 2012 to “get gain a better foundation in Web Design that will enable me to start a Web Design business.” After six semesters, Donald graduated with an AOS Degree in Web Design and with a body of work that shows his interactive skills.

Michael Deboe – Associate of Occupational Studies in Graphic Design
After spending many years putting his creative education to the side, former United States Marine Michael Deboe enrolled into the AOS Graphic Design program to “pursue the creative career he had always wanted,” graduating in Fall 2013.

Cary Enterline – Associate of Occupational Studies in Web Design
Cary Enterline joined the AOS in Web Design program in January 2012. Motivated by an employer encouraging her to become the company media specialist, she’s wrapping up her studies with a solid portfolio showing her Web skills.

Latisha Floyd – Associate of Occupational Studies in Graphic Design
“During this program I want to build a solid foundation in graphic design to bring to life my ideas and to see them in living color.” After six years in the United States Air Force, Latisha Floyd pursued her education: first earning a BSBA from UNC Charlotte, then gaining her AOS in Graphic Design at Sessions College. Entering the program with no design experience, Latisha was confident in her creativity, and has seen it through to graduation.

Rae Lynn Giasson – Associate of Occupational Studies in Graphic Design
Born and raised in Rochester NY, Rae Lynn found herself gravitating to a graphic design career after working for eight years as telecom tax analyst. On the side, Rae Lynn already designs for small healthcare and wellness businesses. We wish her a healthy future career now that she’s graduated with an Associate degree in Graphic Design.

Mary Jenkins – Associate of Occupational Studies in Web Design
Distance was no object for Minnesotan Mary Jenkins, who lived in Okinawa Japan with her husband and daughter as she first earned a certificate then pursued an Associate Degree in Web Design. It’s been a treat working with Mary, we wish you sayonara!

Erin Ramsdale, Associate of Occupational Studies in Graphic Design – British Columbia native Erin Ramsdale has contributed to Sessions College in many ways over the last three years. First she graduated with an AOS in Web Design, and then she went on to complete her AOS in Graphic Design, another proud dual major!

We are proud too, as Erin’s work has continued to show major promise and polish. Says Erin: “My goal upon graduation is to find a position in an innovative and creative design firm. I am interested in companies that will challenge me and allow me to grow as a designer.”

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