Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and Digital Photography

Certificate Program Graduates – April 2014

by Sessions Staff | April 15, 2014

Best wishes to all our certificate students graduating this week. Pictured here are: Alison, Antoine, Arthurlyn, Caitlin, Christina, Courtney, Ericka, Katie, Kaye, Lisa, Linjie, Marie Claire, Maryann, and Paulette.

On Tuesday April 15th, 2014, certificates were issued to the following graduating students. On behalf of Sessions College staff and faculty, we congratulate you on meeting your program objectives and graduation requirements.

  • Alison Simser, Graphic Design Professional Certificate
  • Antoine Lucas, Digital Arts Advanced Certificate
  • Arthurlyn Mitcham, Graphic Design Professional Certificate
  • Caitlin Davidson, Web Design Advanced Certificate
  • Christina Hudson, Web Design Professional Certificate
  • Courtney Nied, Marketing Design Professional Certificate
  • Derrick Dubose, Web Design Professional Certificate
  • Ericka Watson, Digital Arts Advanced Certificate
  • Katie Fuller, Graphic Design Professional Certificate
  • Kaye Sowers, Digital Arts Professional Certificate
  • Lesa Barbour, Graphic Design Advanced Certificate
  • Linjie Li, Web Design Advanced Certificate
  • Marie Claire Pady, Web Design Advanced Certificate
  • Maryann Cavanaugh, Web Design Professional Certificate
  • Paulette Risher, Web Design Professional Certificate

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