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New Course: Intro to Motion

by Sessions Staff | September 4, 2012

Sessions College is delighted to announce the release of Intro to Motion, a new animation course for Fall 2012. Developed by Digital Media Degree Department Head Greg Marlow, the course explores the art (and science) of creating convincing and sophisticated motion art.

The Intro to Motion course, available at degree and certificate level, will provide an invaluable foundation for anyone interested in learning to create motion on a timeline. Whether your medium is video editing, Flash animation, or game animation, the animation class provides an absorbing exploration of timeless concepts for making motion art not only believable but engaging.

Students will study and apply concepts ranging from the underlying physics to 12 classic principles such as squash and stretch, anticipation, and exaggeration.

Course author Greg Marlow is an animator at MD-based game development studio Firaxis Games, where his most recent credits include developing many character animations for Sid Meier’s Civilization 5. Greg’s course helps students develop a sensitivity to the fundamental forces that create motion, so that they can begin to create animations that look real. Students will experiment with the constraints in full motion and limited motion and attempt a final project in which they will animate an inanimate object.

As Greg explains: “As a motion artist, your job is to convince viewers that the thousands of tiny dots dancing around on their screen are not only moving but in fact, alive and living in a real world. Understanding how and why things move in the world around you is the first step to learning how to do this.”

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