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Sessions Study Abroad Program: Photography in Iceland with Taz Tally

by Sessions Staff | January 20, 2017

Iceland is a land of fascinating geological phenomena and amazing photographic opportunities. With its glaciers, volcanoes, green valleys, geysers, and bubbling hot springs, Iceland is unforgettable experience for any visitor—and a wonderful place to discover the delights of photography.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to visit Iceland, study photography, and get college credit? Thanks to Sessions College and EF College Study Tours, you can do just that. In May/June 2017, students who enroll in the Photography in Iceland program will get to spend a week in Iceland, shooting side-by-side with professional photographer and Ph.D. geologist Taz Tally.

This absolutely unique travel opportunity is made possible by a partnership with EF College Study Tours. EF College Study Tours is the nation’s premier logistical support company for college study abroad courses. The partnership with EF College Study Tours makes the experience convenient and relatively affordable. For one flat fare, students who enroll in the course tour will travel to Iceland for an educational experience with all airfare, transport, hotels, insurance, and meals included.

Dr. Taz Tally is an ideal candidate to lead the trip. Not only is Dr. Tally an experienced photography, digital imaging, and prepress instructor—he is also a renowned nature photographer, an outdoorsman who has charted the highways and byways of wilderness Alaska where he lives, and a trained geologist who can help visitors understand the unique morphology of the Icelandic terrain.

Interview with Dr. Taz Tally

Q: Why are you excited about this course/tour to Iceland?

Well, first of all let’s take note of the fact that the island and country of Iceland is built on an active volcanic ridge, known as the mid-Atlantic Ridge, that rises thousands of feet from North Atlantic ocean floor, and which is part of a 40,000 mile long volcanic ridgeline the passes through all the major oceans of the world.

This is the only place on Earth where this volcanic mid-oceanic ridge line breaches the ocean surface, and in spectacular fashion, with active volcanoes in the process of forming the very ground on which we will walk. Additionally the far northern location of the island of Iceland and its elevated volcanic landscapes support the development of numerous active glaciers (13 major in numerous smaller glaciers), which form literally on top of the volcanoes.

Q: How does Iceland’s unique geological profile lend itself to photography?

Iceland’s combination of fire and ice surrounded by the frigid waters of the North Atlantic ocean present a cornucopia of natural and visual delights. Iceland is such a fascinating and interesting environment geographically, geologically and culturally, and therefore offers an incredible opportunity for both learning and enjoying a truly unique exotic environment.

Photographically, Iceland provides so many opportunities for capturing a variety of spectacular images including volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, lakes, seashore and ocean scenery, glaciers and glacier fled stream channels, dramatic seashores, and some fascinating ecology many with endemic species. Culturally, Iceland also offers a delightful mix of people, customs, history and architecture with Scandinavian roots, including a sophisticated renewable energy production and distribution system fueled by volcanism.

Q: What skills or experiences will students gain from the trip?

So many opportunities await student participants in this trip. Of course it would be a shame to go to Iceland and not learn a good deal about the geology, so students will certainly learn a lot about the geologic processes and history that led to the creation and continued evolution of Iceland. All this active geology interacting with the North Atlantic Ocean environment creates a nearly unlimited opportunity for photographic exploration.

As photographers, we will of course be focusing on capturing dramatic landscapes. We will engage in macro photography (with so much small detail to be enjoyed and captured) architectural photography, and travel portraits. One of my primary focuses will be encouraging and assisting students to develop their own techniques that allow them to capture Iceland from their own photographic insight and style.

Every student will want to set aside a lot of hard disk space before they leave, because they are going to be returning with a lot of images to process and enjoy! And students who are interested can take this course for credit through Sessions College (sessions.edu).

Q: What are some of the joys of nature photography?

Natural environments offer such a range of color, texture, fabrics, and forms, many of them unexpected. There are so many stories to be told both in the natural world that is Iceland, and its human landscape as well. Particularly in an environment like Iceland, which offers so many unique features and processes, the joys of being in and capturing this environment are unlimited.

Q: What makes the tour a can’t-miss?

Iceland is on a lot of people’s bucket lists for a reason! This tour of Iceland offers students an affordable, wide-ranging tour of the island with the opportunity to learn about this fascinating natural landscape from a PhD geologist and shoot side-by-side with a pro photographer. Doesn’t get much better than that!

IMPORTANT: This year’s Photography in Iceland tour is scheduled for May 31st-Jun 6th, 2017. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact Admissions@sessions.edu as soon as possible to receive more information. The deadline for enrollment will be February 20th, and we need to assess interest in the tour as soon as possible. Click here to access the tour registration page at EF College Tours. Requesting information from Sessions College does not commit you to enrollment. The Sessions College tour party will be joining parties traveling from other universities.


About Dr. Taz Tally

Dr. Taz Tally is the president of Taz Tally Seminars and Taz Tally Photography. Taz is the author of numerous graphics and print production books and instructional videos, CDs, DVDs and online training courses on scanning, prepress and printing, Photoshop, color correction, and font management. Taz is a frequent presenter at seminars and trade shows, a member of the Photoshop Dream Team, and frequent contributor to graphics art publications including Printing Industry of AmericaLayers Magazine, and Photoshop User. Taz is an adventure author who specializes in black and white landscape photography and whose latest book is 50 Hikes in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

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