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Spring 2014 Scholarships Announced

by Sessions Staff | January 30, 2014

Sessions College is making school more affordable with its Designed for You scholarship programs awarding up to $3000 for students in different adult learner categories: First in My Family, 24/7 Parent, Bridge Student, International Student, Career Changer, and Entrepreneur.

We are delighted to announce that on January 23rd, 2014, six scholarship winners were selected for our spring 2014 class. We welcome these intrepid young and adult learners into the AOS program and to the online Sessions College community.

  • Jacob Ramirez – Associate Degree in Graphic Design, First in My Family
  • Cassandra Simpson – Associate Degree in Web Design, 24/7 Parent
  • Drew Knight – Associate Degree in Graphic Design, Bridge Student
  • Carmen Vargas – Associate Degree in Digital Media, International Student
  • Delilah Talbot – Associate Degree in Graphic Design, Career Changer
  • Sharz Miar¬†– Associate Degree in Graphic Design, Entrepreneur

Here are some excerpts from their stories:

My parents are very hardworking individuals. They always told me that I can achieve anything that I set my mind too, but if I want to make it anywhere in this world I am going to have to work for it. Getting this degree in Graphic Design would not only be a huge achievement for myself but also for them. They have both supported me in everything I have wanted to do in life, and now that I have my head on straight I am going to take my shot and make them proud…

– Jacob Ramirez, First in My Family

As a child, every bit of art intrigued me. I spent countless hours drawing, coloring on, and creating with paper. Handmade cards, boxes, and playthings were always being made in my bedroom. That continued on into adulthood when I found every reason to craft just about every decorative item for my wedding. It was a hobby, which grew into a passion with every invitation, ceremony program and place card that I created. And I wanted nothing more than to continue working with stationery once the big day had ended. So I started helping friends with their own events…

– Delilah Talbot, Career Changer

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