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Designer and writer Kate Andrews was the original editor of Notes on Design blog, founded in 2007.

Dominic Johnson-Hill: Plastered8 — Your City, You’re Plastered

Plastered8 T-shirts is China’s first street brand, and was founded by self-proclaimed creative dictator, Dominic Johnson-Hill. The brand celebrates iconic imagery taken from Beijing’s streets and “plasters” them on t-shirts.

Re-Nourish the Design Industry

Conceptualised by Eric Benson, Re-nourish is the first independent online toolkit for sustainable graphic design.

GRADUATE SEASON: Chris Welsby – Graphic Designer

Chris Welsby is a graphic designer who graduated in 2009 from Cardiff School of Art and Design with a First Class Honours in Graphic Communication. A year after graduation, we spoke to Chris to find out more about his journey.

Narani Kannan: Graphic and Product Designer

From the NOD Vault – Interview with graphic designer and packaging designer Narani Kannan.

Georgios Cherouvim: Computer Graphics & Animation

While serving in the Greek army, Georgios Cherouvim discovered the world of computer graphics and joined a top UK Computer Animation course. 3 years later, he graduated with a first class degree and an award for best project for his short animated film.

Nod Young: Khaki Creative & Design

Based in Beijing, Khaki Creative & Design co-founder and creative director, Nod Young, is a prolific artist whose passion lies in typography and graphic design. He draws heavily on Chinese culture and tradition to inform his working process.

Steve Price: Plan B Studio

Founded and run by Steve Price, Plan-B Studio is a design consultancy specialising in design and art direction spanning an array of media for the fashion, music, PR, film, corporate, NGO and mobile communications sectors as well as design strategy and planning.

Trevor Embury: aftermodern.lab

After spending 7 years living, studying and working in Tokyo, Graphic Designer Trevor Embury set up his design company aftermodern.lab in Toronto, Canada. His enthusiasm and knowledge for design, architecture and photography comes from his extensive world travels and cultural exchanges.

GRADUATE SEASON: Clinton Stringer – From Dancer to Graphic Designer

When it came to choosing a career, Clinton Stringer had two choices in mind: Dancer or Graphic Designer. Clinton worked as a dancer for 9 years, then decided to find out what the other path had in store.

GRADUATE SEASON: Charlotte Knibbs – On Freelancing and Studying Graphic Design

Born in the West Country of England, Charlotte Knibbs is a freelance graphic designer. After graduating with First Class Honours, she worked with Aardman Animations designing for Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death. She’s now undertaking a Masters in Graphic Design.