10 Beautiful Ceramic Pieces from Behance

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| December 22, 2014

Inspired by Bobby Solomon’s recent Fox is Black post featuring some of his favorite ceramicists, we’ve compiled a list of beautiful ceramic pieces found on Behance. Enjoy!

1. From Ivan Prieto (Berlin, Germany)


From the 2014 “Inflatables” series. Click through for more images from the series.

View Ivan Prieto’s portfolio on Behance.

2. From Janice Cormier (Montreal, Quebec)


“The Road Home” (2013). Clay, oxide wash, engobe.

View Janice Cormier’s portfolio on Behance.

3. From Christina Caballeros (Los Angeles, California)


Ceramic Bud Vases. Beautiful work from a student designer. Click through for more images from the series.

View Christina Caballero’s portfolio on Behance.

4. From Siri Lønvik (Trondheim, Norway)


Salt, pepper, and oil stand. A first-year industrial design project. Click through for more images.

View Siri Lønvik’s portfolio on Behance.

5. From Michael Boroniec (Pittsfield, Massachusetts)


“Spatial Spirals” vases and twisting teapots. View more vases in the series here, and additional teapots here.

View Michael Boroniec’s portfolio on Behance.

6. From Levi Jacob Price (Provo, Utah)


“A family of five cups and five bowls, each with its own personality but all relating to each other in form.” Click through for more images from the series.

View Levi Jacob Price’s portfolio on Behance.

7. From JeongMin Hong (Seoul, South Korea)


“Humanimals” series (2014). Super-white clay, slip casting.

View JeongMin Hong’s portfolio on Behance.

8. From Calvin Ma (San Francisco, California)


“This Load of Mind” (2014). View closeups and various angles here.

View Calvin Ma’s portfolio on Behance.

9. From Natalia Criado (Bogota, Colombia)


From the Impronta 2 series. Pure white, delicate. Click through for more images from the series.

View Natalia Criado’s portfolio on Behance.

10. From Ludwig Durand (Lyon, France)



“SILLONS”ceramic bowls. Click through for more images.

View Ludwig Durand’s portfolio on Behance.

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