Ask Jean! Movie Rights for Professional Use

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| August 21, 2007

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You asked your legal, copyright and trademark questions, and Jean has answered! All questions are taken from comments posted on the original ‘Ask Jean’ post. We invite you to ask more questions.

Hi Jean,

As I’m designing corporate training classes I often have topics where it would be instructive to show brief excerpts from movies.

If I want to do that, is it necessary to get the studio’s permission–and how would I go about obtaining it? I’m wondering if there’s a relatively straightforward process for doing that. I don’t have lots of time or money to spend on it.


Dear Patrick,

You need to have a license for the movie clips you want to include in class. But, fortunately the Motion Picture Licensing Corp. has a way to do this that is fairly simple and inexpensive. Go to and click on Umbrella License and contact them about obtaining a license to do what you want to do.


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