Best New Design Projects on Kickstarter

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| August 12, 2014

Since its launch in 2009, Kickstarter has taken the world by storm. It’s ushered in a golden era of crowdfunding. Devoted fans can directly support the creation of the books, video games, and movies they care about, and technology enthusiasts can be first on board when a new gadget hits the market. Here’s a roundup of some great Kickstarter design projects (going on now) to intrigue and inspire.

OmieBox: Hot & Cold Food in 1 Lunchbox

Category: Food

Say “om nom nom” to the OmieBox, a beautifully designed lunchbox that aims to improve lunchtime for kids. The OmieBox features, among other delights, a removable insulated bowl with a vacuum seal, which keeps food hot or cold for hours. The bowl also has a large plastic handle, making it easier to open for kids with tiny hands.

Other noteworthy features include 3 leak-proof compartments, removable dividers, a handy utensil holder, and an outer handle for easy transportation. Goodbye, brown bags!

‘Submarine Sandwich’ — A film by PES

Category: Animation

Stop-motion maestro PES is at it again. His short film “Fresh Guacamole” received more than 3.5 million hits on Youtube in its first four days online. At 1:41 seconds, it’s also the shortest film to ever receive an Oscar nomination. Now, PES is turning to Kickstarter to fund his latest creation.

Submarine Sandwich” will be the third installment in his stop-motion cooking series (following Western Spaghetti and Fresh Guacamole). This film, according to PES, will be the largest of the three. Prepare yourself for sliced up boxing gloves, chunky baseball mitts, and delicious footballs.

Handmade Paper cut Sculptures Using One Sheet of Paper

Category: Installations

Contemporary Japanese paper cut artist, Nahoko Kojima, has partnered with Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum for Art Prize 2014 in Michigan, to display two of her most iconic pieces and one never-before-seen paper cut piece.


Each installation piece is cut from a single sheet of Japanese Washi paper, sized 3mx3m (over 9ft long) In one of her pieces, a giant paper cut polar bear looms in the air, suspended over visitors. Like a giant spiderweb, Kojima’s work is at once formidable and fragile.

Sense: Know More. Sleep Better.

Category: Technology

The future has arrived, and it’s contained within a palm-sized orb that sits on your bedside table. According to Hello, the San Francisco-based design studio behind Sense, “Sense is a simple system that tracks your sleep behavior, monitors the environment of your bedroom and reinvents the alarm.”

Sense uses sensors to monitor environmental changes that may impact your sleep. Sense can monitor temperature, humidity, noise level, light, and even allergens in the air.

Sense also contains a “smart alarm,” which will wake you up in the morning at the right moment in your sleep cycle. All of this information syncs with your iPhone or Android, where you can monitor the various inputs and adjust your environment accordingly.

Sribble — A Revolutionary Pen That Draws In Any Color

Category: Product Design

The world is rich with color, so why do we limit ourselves to only a few? As the folks behind Scribble technology say, “A box of colors is just that—a box! It’s limited, restrictive, finite.” Currently trending on Kickstarter, Scribble is a revolutionary pen that scans colors from any object and instantly reproduces that color on paper or on a digital screen.

Scribble can be used by anyone who wants access to an endless palette. Children can use Scribble to scan a favorite toy, graphic designers can accurately match client specs, and professional painters can choose the perfect hue for the job. Scribble comes with a variety of nib sizes, syncs to your mobile phone, and is 100% compatible with Corel and Photoshop.


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