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Design Campaigns that Revolutionized the Advertising Industry

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| December 6, 2015

Design Campaigns that Revolutionized the Advertising Industry



We scoured the internet to find some of the most innovate, creative, and visually stunning examples of marketing design. Why should you care? Graphic designers take note: when you can deliver your client’s digital story in ways which create visual interest, brand loyalty, and constant engagement? You’ll be able to name your price and work with the industry’s best clients.

As a designer, you’re constantly seeking and applying innovation. Furthermore, it stands to reason that you are constantly looking to the future. However, none of that means you should disregard the past. When you consider the multi-trillion dollar advertising industry, it’s no small surprise to find that psychologically effective design is at the crux of all that capital.

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The Greatest Advertising And Branding Campaigns Of All Time

All advertising and branding campaigns must endeavor to be game-changers. Obviously, every single campaign is not going to succeed to that end. However, the thought needs to be there from concept to launch. Being creative and showcasing beautiful work simply won’t be enough to sell your client’s product.

As a designer working on the project, you are sometimes going to be responsible for a significant portion of an advertising/branding campaign. Make your work engaging, visually interesting, and deliver it in a way that will gain loyalty and elevate your client’s brand. If you don’t know where to start, make sure to consider online advertising design training classes, where you can earn a credential in 7 months and build a base of stunning ad design campaigns.

You could also consider doing your own research in a specific area, such as print design advertising.

With that thought in mind, check out these examples of some of the most unique and successful advertising design and branding campaigns of all time.

Iconic brands all have incredible psychological design components.

Iconic brands all have incredible psychological design components.

As you do, pay attention to the design elements and consider the whys and hows behind the campaign’s incredible sucess:

  • Starbucks: It almost seems as though Starbucks (no introduction required) went from zero locations to a billion overnight. That’s not quite true, but Starbucks is still one of the greatest examples of a successful branding of all time. They created a unique, instantly recognizable logo. They established a branded experience that satisfied self-described connoisseurs, brought new people in, and remained broad enough in its approach that virtually anyone could be engaged in a positive way.
  • The Marlboro Man: For obvious reasons, cigarette ads are not terribly popular these days. But there are still lessons to be learned from Marlboro’s creation of the Marlboro Man. The concept of the campaign emphasized freedom and possibility through a character concept – known as the Marlboro Man. From a design standpoint, these ads utilized rugged, heroic types against natural, wide open backdrops. It’s gained widespread criticism and impact, to the extent that Stanford University began researching the efficacy of Marlboro’s advertising design.
  • Real Beauty (Dove): The design behind this campaign was so simple, yet so powerful. Dove won social progress points for creating ads that showcased a variety of women across a multitude of races, ages, and backgrounds. The campaign design emphasized simplicity, and put trust in the powerful visual message expressed by the faces of everyday women. This simple concept became an overnight sensation on social media – you may even remember seeing the artist sketch videos on your newsfeed.
  • Absolut Vodka: The Absolut Bottle campaign ran for an amazing twenty-five years, and covered a staggering 1500 ads over that time period. The creativity behind these designs is remarkable as a whole. They took a simple, unremarkable vodka bottle, and reimagined it in hundreds and hundreds of successful ways.
  • Daily Twist (Oreo): Oreo celebrated their 100th birthday in fantastic form. By the time their Daily Twist campaign ended, they had significantly increased their social media presence. The designs for these ads simply asked the question “How can we relate the history of pop culture with nothing but an Oreo?”


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