Designer/Client Agreement Templates

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| November 1, 2007

Designer Client Agreement Templates


You asked your legal, copyright and trademark questions, and Jean has answered! All questions are taken from comments posted on the original ‘Ask Jean’ post. We invite you to ask more questions.

Hi Jean,

Thanks for educating us on the copyrights we hold as designers. Could you point me in the direction of a good template for designer/client agreements (both for keeping and transferring copyright)? Thanks so much.

Noah Bunn

Dear Noah,

There really is no such thing as a standard designer/client agreement. I’ve produced lots of them, and no two have ever been the same. The Graphic Artist Guild Handbook has some good ones, but it’s a worthwhile investment to have a template specific to YOUR business drafted by a lawyer. It’s not that expensive, and you’ll have everything you need if there’s a problem.


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