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| August 25, 2008

Google is currently building its new marketing unit, Google Creative Lab, which will promote the Google brand and products. The company is busy setting up offices in New York, San Francisco and London, with more to come in the future, probably. Since the Creative Lab is still in its developing stage it’s kind of hard to get a concrete explanation of what they’re all about. It’s only really possible to know what they want to become. Here’s a quick overview pulled from the company’s job listings: “The Google Creative Lab is a small team that strives to re-think marketing across every kind of media – currently existing or not, with Google as its sole client. Our job is to manage the Google brand, find new ways to communicate the company’s innovations, intentions and ideals, and do work of which we can all be immensely proud.”

This all sounds pretty interesting. What makes it even more interesting is that some very talented people have joined the Creative Lab team. One of them is Ji Lee, the man behind the infamous Bubble Project, The New Museum launch campaign and lots of other irreverent and innovative projects. We caught up with him for a mini interview about his new job.

What is the purpose of Google Creative Lab?

GCL is a newly formed in-house creative agency for Google. GCL’s job is to promote Google brand and Google products in an engaging and innovative way.

What is your role at Google Creative Lab?

I’m one of the creative directors. GCL is comprised of “pods” which are small groups within the CL.

What is a “pod’?

Each “pod” is formed by a creative director, copy-writer, art director / designer, producer and an account manager.

What are you working on right now?

Some of the current projects include the celebration of Google’s 10th Birthday, a You Tube initiative contest, and launching of several new Google products.

What is it like working there?

I’ve in at GCL for nearly two months now. I’m still learning and adjusting. The experience so far has been overwhelming and exciting. The great thing about working at Google is that people are very open, collaborative and bright. It’s not about personal agendas or winning awards, but it’s all about creating tools and messages to help the users. Of course Google profits a lot through its ad revenues, but unlike traditional advertising, which often “screams” at people, Google is sensitive towards understanding the users’ needs. So our job at GCL is to create engaging messages and platforms, which ultimately inform and help the users.

We’ll likely hear more about this in the months to come as the Lab gets ready to launch]
. Please let us know if you hear any news!


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