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Hot Job: Tips For Successful Content Strategists

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| January 5, 2016

There is no question that right now, content is a king. If you’re willing to learn how to become a content strategist, you’re taking advantage of a tremendous opportunity to further your design career. There has never been a better time than now to explore the content strategist concept further. It applies to all walks of design life, from web design to advertising designdigital media, and beyond: all successful designers can benefit from content strategy.

How To Become A Content Strategist

Content strategists can expect an 8.1% starting salary increase in 2016. That fact alone should compel you to at least research the idea in greater detail. However, there is some measure of confusion over this job field.


Essentially, a content strategist is responsible for developing a content strategy. This strategy must not only take into account the business objectives of the company/client. It must also account for the demands of the customer/end user. You can expect to find a content strategist working with such projects as an editorial calendar, a style guide, a catalogue, a metadata framework, or a content migration strategy. A content strategist generally needs to have the ability to work with other employees, including freelancers.

If you can handle organization on a variety of levels, then you have the foundation you’re going to need to work as a content strategist. Breaking into this field is going to demand the following:

Develop strong opinions: Expose yourself to companies that utilize a great deal of content, both in terms of variety, as well as quantity. Begin looking at the ways in which these companies organize and manage their content.

Bring a variety of skills to the table: From working with content management systems, to understanding how to get the most out of a spreadsheet, working as a content strategist is going to require a range of skills. Furthermore, it is going to be your responsibility to constantly work at improving these skills.

Learn how to speak with more than one voice: Ultimately, companies are looking for individuals who can retain a unique voice, while also emphasizing their own. This is going to involve establishing yourself as someone who can speak with the voice that the company in question wants, but in a way that still makes you unique from other content strategists.

Take another crack at your resume: Take a look at your resume. Are there ways in which you can create a visual extension of your own personal brand?

Practice makes perfect: Build a resume/portfolio with some freelance work. This will allow you to constantly work at your skills, while also building up some essential versatility.


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