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Ideas We Love: 7 Great Methods to Showcase the Holidays as a Designer

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| November 25, 2015

7 Great Methods to Showcase the Holidays as a Designer

The holidays are already upon us. This is naturally a wonderful time for friends, family, gratitude, and so much more. It’s also a great opportunity to show off what your design work is truly capable of – seasonal decorations are abound everywhere. Tinsel, holly, and winter wonderlands invoke powerful emotions in us as the year approaches its end.

There are plenty of ways to showcase the season in your design work. Of course, we’re partial to these adorable holiday gift tags designed by Sessions College alumni Dawn Nicole. For the holidays, you can elect to give back to the design community by creating something free and useful which is also elegantly designed.

Photo Credit: Dawn Nicole Designs at

Photo Credit: Dawn Nicole Designs at

As creatives, the sky is the limit for what we can do. Adding a fresh new holiday theme to your brand can add freshness to your brand, giving you hidden marketing opportunity, as well as a relevant, topical insertion of your work.

If you find yourself running low on ideas to explore, here are seven unique options to consider:

  • Design your own cards or holiday tags: No one is saying that you have to handcraft a card for each and every one of your clients (or prospective clients). Though, now that we think about it, designing a custom-made card for a client you might be courting is one great way to gain business as a designer. It goes without saying that there are a variety of ways in which you can add a personal touch, show off your brand, and remain sincere in your desire to wish someone a warm and happy holiday season.
  • Tree? Who needs an actual tree?: Who says you need an actual tree, in order to enjoy decorating for the holidays? There are creative options that can go a long way towards celebrating the holidays, while also showing off what you can do. This European designer created art with a utilitarian flair, adding pegs for tree ornaments into the design.
Decorate for Christmas without a Tree

Photo Credit: Dans Lee Lakehouse

  • Creative decorations: Check out this sparkle ball. Not only is this thing remarkably easy to make, but it’s not likely to be something you’re going to find in every single household during the holidays.
  • Paper can go a long way: Remember that you don’t need a ton of supplies to show the world just how creative your design work can be. A great example of that thought would be in the form of these DIY paper cube string lights.
  • Have fun with your tree: Let’s say you want an actual tree for the holidays this season. Who says you have to go with the same old thing? These dress form trees are a great example of unique holiday tree ideas. It creates a unique tree form that adds a little something extra to the decorating part. If you own retail space, it also creates an incredible element of visual interest to your shop for the holidays.
Photo Credit: Mannequin Madness

Photo Credit: Mannequin Madness

  • Consider international inspiration: These DIY Scandinavian ornaments should go a long way towards making it clear to you that you don’t have to stick with the traditions you know. Geometric patterns and shapes are hugely popular in the design world right now, so these tree ornaments are both elegant and trend-worthy as well as topical for the holiday season. When you look outside the box for international flair, you’ll find there are lots of ways to bring together a plethora of influences. And great designers can bring these worlds together in ways that are truly inspirational.
Scandinavian Christmas Tree Ornaments

Photo Credit: The House that Lars Built

  • Make the most of a small space: If you’re lacking in space, that doesn’t have to be a problem. This is a rustic example of how you can use ornaments and holiday decorations from years past – arranged cleverly like a tree in a smaller space. It’s quick, simple, and also personal when you consider adding holiday photos and old Christmas cards into the arrangement. Check out some of these simple ideas that are designed for tiny homes and small apartments.
Rustic Christmas Design Ideas

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Bring your design work to the forefront this holiday season.


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