iPad 3 Retina Display: Trouble in Paradise

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| March 27, 2012

Suffering the fate of many new product releases, Apple’s new iPad has been showered with complaints since release on March 16. One of the major complaints is about the Retina display. With resolution increased from 1024 x 768 pixels to an incredible 2048 x 1536 pixels, everything looks better on the new iPad – well, except for most Web sites, magazines and images that is. Although the Retina display makes native photos feel almost 3D because of the high clarity, it leaves Web images pixilated.

ipad3 retina
The same image viewed on an iPad 2 and an iPad 3. Image via mobify.com

As technology has advanced in the past few years, more and more Americans do the majority of their personal internet access and shopping from a tablet. Responsive design has done a lot to provide a consistent look for a Web site on all platforms, but what is a company to do when there is only one platform that makes their Web site appear not up to par?

The costs of upgrading bandwidth, storage space, and loading capabilities solely for the iPad3 may not be worth it to some, but for many companies who rely on images to sell products these are necessary costs. However, creating or optimizing an existing iPad app may hold the key to adapting to this technology without breaking the bank or initiating a complete overhaul of a Web site. Some other solutions may lie in media queries, responsive images and adaptive images. You can review descriptions of these solutions and how to implement for your site here, on EaselSolutions.com.

Most Web developers are still weighing the benefits in this transitory period, but as the world catches up with technology, this clarity will soon become a standard feature and other tablets will follow suit.

The Retina display is incredible technology. And even with the various issues owners are experiencing, many would agree that these growing pains are not enough to revert back to the iPad 2 or look into other tablets.

Are you a proud iPad 3 owner? Tell us your experience with the Retina display or other things you love (or hate) about the new version.

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