Ludvig Bruneau Rossow: Going the Extra Mile in Graphic Design

by Kate Andrews | March 31, 2011

Having only graduated in 2010, Graphic Designer Ludvig Bruneau Rossow is currently working in Norweigian design studio Uniform. In his spare time he runs his own freelance practice Bureau Bruneau and has recently landed a summer internship with Sagmeister Inc. in New York. With such an array of experience and an inspiring portfolio of both professional and self led work, we think Ludvig is a designer to keep an eye on! We caught up with him this month to find out about his work and creative secrets.

Notes on Design: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your career journey to date?

Ludvig: My name is Ludvig Bruneau Rossow and I am a graphic designer currently living in Oslo, Norway. I graduated from the Graphic Design department at Westerdals School of Communication in 2010 and am currently working full-time at the Norwegian design studio, Uniform. As a designer I work on a wide range of projects including visual identities and editorial design, to more personal typographic experiments. In my free time I also run my own freelance design studio called Bureau Bruneau.

Notes on Design: Who or what are you most inspired by?

Ludvig: I don’t really know where my inspiration comes from, so I would have to say that I’m probably inspired most by daily observations. You can get a lot of new impulses by just taking a walk, or noticing things on your way to work. I think my creativity is often a result of being bored; for example, instead of watching TV every evening, I often do small personal projects to test out new ideas I have and to keep me inspired.

Last week I made an alphabet out of an old train set that I found when visiting my grandmother. Making letter shapes from those limited materials meant I had to think in new ways. Doing this small and quick experiment I discovered new and funny ways to form letters, which will always help me later.

Notes on Design: What is it about Graphic Design that motivates you?

Ludvig: I’ve always been very interested in form and functionality. At secondary school, I burned CDs with completely random songs, just to be able to design the packaging. I also created my own fictional record label called “Aujids Media”, so that I could create a logo and posters for it. Today it is the ability to work conceptually and coherently that is the most exciting, and I love being involved in all phases of a project.

Notes on Design: Did you feel prepared as you began the transition from graduate to professional?

Ludvig: The third and last year at Westerdals SoC is formed as an in-school design agency, called “Studio 3”, where 15 lucky students are running their own design agency, doing real projects for real clients. We do everything from getting in contact with new clients, going to business meetings with clients, working on exciting projects, to presenting the work and finishing it for the clients. Just like real life. The Studio 3 experience certainly helped me prepare for a professional environment.

Notes on Design: Could you tell us about your journey after graduating?

Ludvig: Well, I signed a contract with Uniform even before I had started my exams. It was very comforting knowing I need not worry about what I was going to do when I finished my studies. I’ve been working at Uniform ever since I graduated and I can honestly say, I look forward to going to work everyday.

Uniform is a multidisciplinary strategic design consultancy based in Oslo. We work with a wide range of projects, from corporate identities, interactive websites, magazines, books through to packaging. We believe that strong ideas and a unique brand story enhances and strengthens an identity and we believe sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our design process, which we promote through the brands we work with.

Notes on Design: What is next for you?

Ludvig: Next summer I have been granted an internship at Sagmeister Inc. in New York. The deal is that I’ll work for free, which I have no problem with. It is a tremendous opportunity for personal development, and I think it’s going to be really fun. Even though I work full-time now and I can finally call myself a graphic designer, I still see myself as a student and because of that I have no problem with interning with Sagmeister Inc. for free. In a way, I would probably use the same amount of money during my summer vacation anyway. Spending three summer months in New York interning for Sagmeister Inc. sounds good to me, paid or unpaid!

Notes on Design: Can you tell us a little about what you are currently working on?

Ludvig: Right now I’m working on three projects. They are very varied and exciting, and I feel like I have a large ownership over all of them. I have recently finished working on the visual identity for a high-end gourmet restaurant called Maaemo. I am creating a monster-universe for kids, for one of the largest publishing houses in Norway, GAN aschehoug. And I’m also redesigning one of the games for Norsk Tipping.

With Bureau Bruneau, I often work with the very talented graphic designer Henrik Wold Kraglund. For a long time now we have talked about starting up an agency together and we will probably do that when Henrik has finished his studies. Currently we are working together on an identity for movie-production-company, Lava Film. I’m really excited about presenting this project, but for now all I can tell you is that the identity consists of 14 custom made alphabets working together.

Notes on Design: Based on your experience do you have any advice for graphic design students and graduates?

Ludvig: Dare to blow up the boundaries and to try new things everyday. When you are a student, the whole point is to acquire new knowledge and personal development. Therefore, there is no reason to hold back. Go the extra mile before reaching finish line. Every time.

Ludvig has recently added more work to his website at, and be sure to follow him on Twitter @Bureau_Bruneau.


Designer and writer Kate Andrews was the original editor of Notes on Design blog, founded in 2007.


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