Marketing Mentor Tip #8: How to dominate your market

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| September 11, 2007

Many designers believe that marketing the widest range of services to the largest possible group is the path to success. You’d rather be a generalist because you think you’ll get more business. And on one level it makes sense: the more opportunities you have to make a sale, the more sales you are likely to make. But in reality it doesn’t work that way. In fact, success comes to those who focus on the smallest number of activities most likely to yield the quickest and largest return.

Look at all you get when you specialize:
Fame: You’ll become known as an expert in your area of focus.
Fortune: You’ll command higher fees for your expertise.
Success: You’ll achieve your personal and business goals
Choice: You’ll get the work you want instead of taking whatever comes along

If you resist specializing, what you fail to understand is that your clients need you to specialize in exactly the service they need. They need to know they are dealing with an expert who serves their particular needs. That’s what will make them feel more comfortable choosing you. That’s what will help them sell you to their managers. So in reality, and in the long run, specializing gets you more business.

But focus doesn’t come naturally. Focus requires ongoing attention and discipline, which is why many people don’t do it. In fact, it’s not something you do once and then it’s done. Focusing means committing, and then recommitting, to your plan every day, refocusing your attention and reevaluating your choices on a regular basis. That’s the way to dominate the marketplace.

If you need help defining your target market and deciding what to specialize in, we have a worksheet that will help.
Send an email to with “i need to define my market” in the subject line
and we’ll send it along.

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