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The Sculptural “Wow” of Lady Meow

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| January 21, 2015

A few weeks ago, while searching for images of a “ghostly winter” online, I came across the incredible sculptural creations of DeviantArt artist Lady Meow. I was awestruck by her Winter Ghost sculpture (pictured below), and the discovery led me to explore more of her wonderful work.

Lady Meow’s sculptural work is my personal favorite, but her extensive portfolio also includes Elvish dolls, fantasy drawings, and assorted digital artwork. Below is a curated list of sculptural pieces from Lady Meow—some whimsical, some eerie, some both! Enjoy, and check out her website for more artistic inspiration!

Winter Ghost 2


“Winter Ghost 2” by Lady Meow (Image via DeviantArt)



“Octomermaid” by Lady Meow (Image via DeviantArt)

Smiling Mask


“Smiling Mask” by Lady Meow (Image via DeviantArt)

Miss Crow Doll


“Miss Crow Doll” by Lady Meow (Image via DeviantArt)

Yellow Fairy


“Yellow Fairy”by Lady Meow (Image via DeviantArt)

Oh Deer


“Oh Deer” by Lady Meow (Image via DeviantArt)

Little Starling


Little Starling by Lady Meow (Image via DeviantArt)

Want to see more from artist Lady Meow? Visit her website at or check out her portfolio on DeviantArt.


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