Game Art Courses

Are you obsessed about video games and would like to learn how to create them? You can build basic 3D modeling and animation skills on our online game development classes, getting feedback on your 3D projects from our all star faculty.

Skills covered in our online Game Art courses range from 3D modeling using Maya, to lighting, texturing, and animating 3D characters and environments. Scheduled and self-paced enrollment options are available for many classes.

Animate I

Adobe Animate course image Learn the basics of 2D animation with Adobe Animate

Character Animation I

3D animation maya course image 3D animation techniques using Autodesk Maya

Game Design Documents

Game-Design documents course image Turn your video game concept into a development plan

Game Lighting and Color

Game lighting color course image Make your game art come alive using pro lighting techniques

Intro to Game Development

Game development course Get a head start on a career of game art and design

Maya I

Online maya course image Learn powerful tools for 3D content creation

Maya II

Advanced Maya course image Advanced 3D modeling and effects with Autodesk Maya

Photoshop for Game Artists

Photoshop game art course image Photoshop techniques for video game art projects

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Did you know? You can take a course as part of an award-winning certificate or degree program.