Advertising Capstone Project

Advertising Design Capstone Project

The advertising design capstone project provides students the opportunity to complete a multidimensional ad design project in three stages, working closely with a faculty member. The project will challenge students to demonstrate their proficiency in key aspects of the Advertising Design program. The project will require research, concept development, and critical thinking, providing students with the opportunity to explore a professional, iterative process as well as experience simulated client interactions.

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A portfolio project for Advertising Design majors

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Course Outline

1 - Client Brief and Researching and Conceptualizing

You will present your research and concept for initial feedback along with images, colors, and typography based on the concept.

2 - Preparing the Branding Plan

Next, you will prepare the branding and identity materials for the client and receive additional feedback.

3- Creating Your Final Deliverables and Presentation

Proceed to your final deliverables: stationery, point-of-sale piece, and advertisement. You are expected to present your final work professionally in PowerPoint and with a written plan that details your thought process and design techniques.

Course Objectives
Students in this course can expect to learn to:
  • Research companies and products in specific genres, design trends in those areas, and other design work and marketing initiatives that may influence the direction of your concept.
  • Identify colors, typography, compositions, and images that appeal to target customers.
  • Use brainstorming, sketches, tearsheets, mood boards, and any other methods of your choice to form a solid design message.
  • Create a color palette that will be woven throughout the design pieces. Use your research, as well as your color theory skills, to come up with the right scheme for your concept.
  • Demonstrate your color palette in a JPEG file with swatches of each main color in the scheme.
  • Design a logo that reflects your research, your overall design concept, your color scheme, and your type choices.
  • Create a style guide based on your color scheme, typefaces, and logo design.
  • Design a point-of-sale advertising piece.
  • Design a print ad with an appropriate size and placement idea based on your research.
  • Research an appropriate forum for an online banner or integrated ad.
  • Create two digital advertisements designed to run in a forum or Web site that fits with the project audience.
  • Write social media content designed to retain potential consumers attracted by the rest of the advertising campaign.
  • Create a polished final presentation video with accompanying well-designed visual slides.
  • Write a 500 word professional summary to accompany your materials.
Course Registration

Interested in this course? This course is available to students enrolled in the Associate of Occupational Studies program.

Software and Supplies

To take this course you'll need:

  • Computer with Internet connection.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign or equivalent programs.
  • Experience in the above software.

Who’s Teaching

Course developed by Kristen Becker

Student Feedback

The instructors have top credentials and experience and are always there to offer a new perspective, as well as valuable coaching and mentoring. - Myriam Keaton, Associate Degree in Graphic Design.

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