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Sessions College Launches Study Abroad Program to Iceland

Tempe AZ - January 26, 2017

Studying abroad might not be the first thing on your mind if you are a student enrolling at a fully online institution. Sessions College for Professional Design ( aims to change all that in summer 2017, with its first study abroad program in Iceland.

Through Sessions College, an online school of visual arts, students can enroll in a unique tour to Iceland to study photography and geology with Sessions faculty member Dr. Taz Tally. From May 31st-June 6th, registrants will enjoy an all-inclusive trip to Iceland, exploring a land of fascinating geological phenomena and amazing photographic opportunities.

Students will develop their photography skills shooting side-by-side with Dr. Tally, who may be the perfect candidate to lead such a trip. Not only is Dr. Tally an experienced photography, imaging, and prepress instructor, he is also a renowned nature photographer, an outdoorsman who has charted the highways and byways of wilderness Alaska where he lives, and a trained geologist who can help visitors understand the unique morphology of the Icelandic terrain.

The course can be taken by enrolled and non-matriculated students, on a for-credit or just-for-pleasure basis.

The one-of-a-kind travel opportunity is made possible by a partnership with EF College Study Tours, the nation's premier logistical support company for college study abroad courses. The EF College Study Tours group has experience in working with fully online programs, so the company can facilitate students joining the trip from multiple destinations across the United States or abroad.

To Sessions College staff, the study abroad program shows that online education is about more than learning on a computer. "We are thrilled to offer this kind of learning experience to our students," comments Sessions College President Gordon Drummond. "In our programs, we constantly encourage students to engage creatively with their environment and their local communities. This trip offers the chance to explore photography - and travel to a stunning landscape - working directly with one of our most valued faculty members."

For Dr. Tally, an experienced adventure traveler who is working on his second book about Alaska, this trip combines two of his main passions: geology and photography.

"Iceland's combination of fire and ice surrounded by the frigid waters of the North Atlantic ocean presents a cornucopia of natural and visual delights," comments Dr. Tally. "Iceland is such a fascinating and interesting environment geographically, geologically and culturally, and therefore offers an incredible opportunity for both learning and enjoying a truly unique and exotic environment."

Students interested in finding out more about this learning opportunity, should contact as soon as possible to receive more information. The deadline for enrollment will be February 20th, 2017.

About EF College Study Tours

EF College Study Tours delivers lasting and reputable study abroad programs that support the curricula at over 1,200 colleges and universities. They partner with faculty and administration to connect their academic vision and institutional needs to our unmatched global network.

About Taz Tally

Dr. Taz Tally is the president of Taz Tally Seminars and Taz Tally Photography. Taz is the author of numerous graphics and print production books and instructional videos, CDs, DVDs and online training courses on scanning, prepress and printing, Photoshop, color correction, and font management. Taz is an adventure author who specializes in black and white landscape photography and whose latest book is 50 Hikes in Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

About Sessions College for Professional Design

Sessions College is a fully online school of visual arts offering a wide range of degree and certificate programs. Our premier Associate of Occupational Studies in Digital Photography program offers a thorough foundation in the visual language of photography and a working knowledge of the equipment, software, and production techniques essential for work in the photographic industry.

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