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Digital Media Degree

Associate of Occupational Studies

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Earn your Associates Degree fully online with our accredited AOS program in Digital Media. Contact our Admissions team about start dates, how to apply, and financial aid

The Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) in Digital Media degree prepares students for careers in digital media arts. You'll explore fundamental concepts in art and design, and apply your talent to projects that include digital video editing and production, 3D modeling, and motion graphics. Our aim is to get you comfortably creative with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, Premier, and After Effects, as you develop a high-quality reel of motion art.

Digital Media Curriculum

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The Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Digital Media degree is a 2-year fully online program. Classes start in January, May, and September. Credit transfer is welcome and part-time schedules are available.

Program requirements include 54 credits in art/design and 18 credits in general education. At the end of the program, a design business course, capstone project, and final portfolio review provide your career orientation. Click to view individual digital media course information below.

Digital Media Major - Year One

Digital media major
"I plan to use my double major to gain experience and eventually start my own design firm..."
- Hiba Abugosh, Associate Degree in Graphic and Web Design.

Digital Media Major - Year Two

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Digital Media Program Goals

First-year courses help you develop a foundation of digital design skills. You will focus on industry-standard imaging software, essential 2D design techniques, and the basics of Web publishing. A solid skill set in visual design will bring sophistication to your multimedia coursework in year two.

Online student digital media degree work Digital Media majors are expected to present their work in a final portfolio review. Multimedia student work by Shannon Eary.

In the second year of the online Digital Media degree, you will challenge yourself to think in three and four dimensions, tackling coursework in important multimedia topics. Digital Media majors learn video production and editing, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, and more, all with intensive hands-on projects that build your portfolio.

Digital Media majors are expected to develop the ability to:

  • Create sophisticated, appropriate color palettes and use color and contrast effectively in their work.
  • Design and lay out typography for readability, impact, or expression.
  • Create drawings in traditional media that show a command of proportion, perspective, and value contrast.
  • Prepare images for professional publication with Photoshop retouching, correction, compositing, or collage.
  • Create engaging and readable layout designs that attract the eye using fundamental design and composition techniques.
  • Develop effective logo designs from a client brief using an iterative design process.
  • Create simple, stylized graphics, icons, and illustrations in Illustrator.
  • Manipulate framing, perspective, distance, and lighting to take professional-level digital photographs in a range of settings.
  • Create standards-compliant Web page designs using HTML and CSS hand coding.
  • Develop interactive animations and multimedia using Adobe Animate software.
  • Explain how technological, social, and artistic changes have influenced the development of the field of photography.
  • Create engaging videos that incorporate skillful production, camerawork, audio, and non-linear editing techniques.
  • Enhance multimedia projects with sophisticated motion graphics and animated titles created in After Effects.
  • Create 3D, detailed character models, environments, and animations for use in professional video games and multimedia projects.
  • Combine multiple digital media genres into large-scale, professional creative projects with professional leaning.
  • Apply in their work an understanding of English composition, business writing, psychology, computer science, marketing, and art history.
  • Write papers and presentations that demonstrate critical thinking, clear organization, and professional style, grammar, and spelling.
  • Manage all aspects of the digital media creation workflow and effectively prepare projects for professional use.
  • Identify current areas of strength and prepare and maintain a portfolio of their best digital media work.
  • Develop competence in various digital media genres including animation, 3D modeling, and video.

For more information on courses in this major, view Digital Media courses or browse our complete design degree course list.

For Gainful Employment information on this program, visit this page.

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Notices and Deadlines

Digital Media Degree Admissions

Classes start in January, May, and September. To apply to the online Digital Media Degree program, you'll need to complete our degree application, write an application essay, provide 5-10 samples of art or design, and order transcripts from high school or colleges attended. 

Digital media degree admissions advisor Mhelanie
"Digital media training is one of the hottest skill sets for the Web right now. There's a demand for designers with video and multimedia skills." - Mhelanie Hernandez, Senior Admissions Advisor

Whenever you're ready, talk to our friendly Admissions admissions staff or sign up for an Open House.

Digital Media Software and Supplies

software for digital media majors

To take this online program, you'll need a computer with an Internet connection as well as additional software and supplies.

  • A Windows-based or Macintosh computer that meets software manufacturers' requirements.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, and Premiere CC software.
  • Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • A digital camera with adjustable ISO and adjustable white balance features recommended.
  • Basic drawing supplies including pencils, charcoal, newsprint, and sketch paper.
  • A Web hosting account with an ad-free hosting service.
  • Webcam, headphones or speaker, VPN connection, and microphone connected to the computer for live proctored exams.

Please check course syllabus pages or the catalog for detailed information on course requirements or proctored exams. Be sure to visit our Student Store for discounts on hardware and graphic design software. You must be an enrolled student to be eligible for educational discounts.

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