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Established in 1997, Sessions College for Professional Design offers online degree and certificate programs to prepare you for a creative career. A faculty of professional artists and designers at the premier online school of design provides an excellent online education in Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Media, Illustration, Advertising Design, and more.

Just getting started with your design school search? Chat with our friendly and knowledgeable admissions team. Browse our programs and explore course samples to find out how online design courses work. Check out the student gallery and featured portfolios. Visit our career center for information on top creative careers for design graduates.


Prepare for your professional design career in an online degree or certificate program at Sessions College.


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We're proud to serve U.S. Military servicemembers, veterans, and families. Find out more about applying your GI Bill, TA, MyCAA, and more.

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  • Materials of the Future: Vantablack

    Materials of the Future: Vantablack

    Thu, 11 Sep 2014
    Meet Vantablack: a material so black that its essentially invisible to the human eye.[...]
  • Materials of the Future: Graphene

    Materials of the Future: Graphene

    Mon, 08 Sep 2014
    Graphene, which was first produced in 2004, seems like the stuff of sci-fi lore. It's incredibly thin, flexible, and may be the strongest material in existence.[...]
  • Todoist: My Favorite Task-Management App

    Todoist: My Favorite Task-Management App

    Tue, 02 Sep 2014
    If I was more musically inclined, Id write a song (complete with a choreographed dance number) about my love for Todoist.[...]
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