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Online Marketing Design Certificate

Professional Certificate in Marketing Design

Expand your marketing, technical, and design skills
  • Software: Apply Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills
  • Design: Explore concepts in visual identity and marketing collateral design

    Unleash Your Creativity. Build Your Marketing Skills Online, at Your Own Pace

    What You’ll Learn

    • Design visual communications using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
    • Learn the fundamentals of visual design.
    • Gain practical experience in marketing collateral design.
    • Develop essential skills in branding, advertising, and promotional design.

    Feature Include

    • Online. Study 100% online from anywhere with 24/7 access to classes.
    • Self-paced. Complete your program on your own time in 9 months or less.
    • Industry Relevant. Develop in-demand skills for your creative field.
    • Expert Instructors. Receive feedback on your work from industry pros.
    • Customize. Customize your program with added courses and concentrations.

    What Makes Sessions College Different

    Study at your own pace

    Study at your own pace

    Learn by doing

    Learn by doing

    Connect with pros

    Connect with pros

    grow your portfolio

    Grow your portfolio

    Professional Certificate in Marketing Design Courses


    Designed for the busy adult learner, the Professional Certificate in Marketing Design is a 360 clock hour program completed in nine months studying part time.


    4218 Photoshop Basics

    Get a thorough grounding in Adobe Photoshop, the premiere image-manipulation tool for print design, Web design, and photography. You'll learn to choose and use the best techniques for common Photoshop jobs including selecting and isolating objects, creating image composites, masking and vignetting images, setting typography, and improving images with retouching and effects. Every designer must tame this creative powerhouse of a program. Learn more

    4023 Design Foundations

    Color is a fundamental medium for any artist or designer. Typography is what sets designers apart from other artists. Composition, literally the assembly or construction of elements, is the artful arrangement that guides the viewer's eye through an image. In this course, you will analyze everything from Grand Masters to Madison Avenue ads to tubes of toothpaste, and discover how color, type, and composition are combined to create effective and powerful visual communications. Class projects challenge you to build and apply your design skills in application to real-life creative scenarios.Learn more

    4226 Illustrator Basics

    Build a working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, the graphic designer’s vector program of choice. Course projects explore selection tools, drawing tools, layers, the Pen tool, transformations/distortions, type tools, and modifying paths and shapes. Tapping the power of vector software allows you to produce detailed and scalable art for almost any application. Learn more

    6011 Intro to Marketing

    Lay a foundation for a career in business marketing design by studying marketing concepts and how they impact the design process. Students learn design principles and explore design case studies from the world of marketing communications design. The focus of the class is building a basic understanding how marketing strategies are developed. Learn more

    4221 Fundamentals of Logo Design

    Explore the philosophy and process behind designing a logo. Students learn the importance of corporate identity and the different stages in a typical logo design project. The course establishes a solid conceptual and practical grounding for anyone interested in pursuing a career in visual identity, from a design or a marketing perspective. Learn more

    4505 Creative Concept Development

    Where do creative concepts come from? In advertising, illustration, or design, you need to be able generate many ideas for your clients and projects. This class provides you a training in identifying the needs of each projects, brainstorming solutions, challenging your assumptions, and testing/evaluating your ideas until you have a winner. Learn more

    4050 Marketing Design

    Learn how to make design decisions through research, writing, and planning techniques that set marketing designers (and their clients) apart from the competition. Class projects challenge you to combine concept, research, planning, presentation, and visual design to build your marketing portfolio. Learn more


    This program is adaptable to a wide range of experience levels. Choose the option(s) below that best meet your learning goals.

    Option 1


    New to the field? Simply complete all required courses in the certificate program.

    Option 2


    Already have some industry and/or software experience? Customize up to 50% of your programChoose from courses in Web Design, Software, Motion & Video, and more by choosing alternate courses.

    Option 3


    Need more training? After you've completed your program, add concentrations at reduced tuitionChoose from concentrations in Web Design, Digital Photography, Illustration, and more to enhance your creative skills.


    Program Outcomes

    By completing the program, Professional Certificate in Marketing Design students develop the following competencies:

    1. Marketing

    Conceptualize, create and present work that delivers strategic solutions to address business and customer needs.

    2. Technology

    Create images and design layouts by effectively and efficiently using design software including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and other industry technologies.

    3. Art/Design Principles

    Demonstrate the ability to produce visually compelling work by applying knowledge of color, typography, and composition.

    4. Design Process

    Develop strategic advertising and marketing concepts and campaigns for a variety of audiences and social contexts.

    Student Work

    What Students Say

    I have used many of the skills that I’ve learned from these classes in developing a few items for my employer for job fairs such as flyers and display boards. I am also planning to use these skills to work on a few personal projects.

    Ashley Rich

    Professional Certificate in Marketing Design, Class of 2020


    Michael Hamm is a senior visual designer, Web developer, and all-round Illustrator guru.
    Kristen Becker Kristen Becker is an educator, graphic designer, and entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce.
    Bruce Bicknell Bruce Bicknell is a writer, illustrator, animator, Web designer, video editor, and marketing pro.


    Get expert feedback in classes taught by our industry-leading faculty.

    Instructor Biography Degree(s) Earned
    Andrew Shalat

    Andrew Shalat is an author, designer/illustrator, educator, and Mac expert who is a regular speaker at Macworld and has written several books on design for McGraw-Hill and Peachpit Press.

    • MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design
    • MA in English and American Literature, Brandeis University
    • BA in English Language and Literature, State University of New York at Stonybrook

    Boris Margolin is a veteran graphic designer who has worked as an in-house designer for several major international corporations including CIGNA, MetLife, and Nypro.

    • BS in Graphic Design, Mount Ida College
    • AS in Graphic Arts, Springfield Technical Community College
    Bruce Bicknell

    Bruce Bicknell is a writer, instructor, illustrator, animator, Web designer, video editor, marketing pro, and graphic designer based in Tampa, Florida. Bruce has worked on projects for Adobe Systems, ATI, Photoshop Elements Techniques, MacTribe, Yellow Machine, and Mac Design.

    • Associate's of Science in Web Design and Computer Animation, International Academy of Design and Technology
    Kristen Becker

    Kristen Becker is an educator and a graphic and business designer specializing in e-commerce. With over 12 years of experience as an award-winning educator, Kristen has developed curriculum and taught courses in graphic design, multimedia, and e-commerce/marketing.

    • MA in Digital Arts, Maryland Institute College of Art
    • BA in Environmental Systems, University of Maryland
    Piper Nilsson Faculty profile image

    Piper Nilsson is a graphic/Web designer and educator. Piper has been working with the Web since 1997, working in various roles as a designer, programmer, and information architect, Piper blueprinted sites for such global clients as MetLife, Pepsi, ETS, and Citibank.

    • AOS in Graphic Design, Pratt, NY

    View all faculty.

    Getting Started

    Our Marketing Design Certificate online application process makes getting started easy, fast, and convenient.

    What's the Admissions Process?
    Open Admissions.

    The Professional Certificate is open admissions, with classes starting each month. To apply for the program, simply complete our free, no-obligation application and select your program options. Applicants are expected to have graduated high school.

    How Long is the Program?
    Nine Month Program.

    The program can be completed in nine months studying on a part time schedule. Since you study at your pace, you may complete it sooner! If you need more time to complete, there is a painless extension policy for an additional 6 months of access for students who qualify based on academic progress.

    Will the Program Fit My Schedule?

    There are no set login times, so you can complete your program at your own pace in our most flexible program. A designated Student Advisor will track your progress from class to class, providing you support and motivation.

    What Software or Supplies Do I Need?

    To take this program, you’ll need the following:

    • Mac or Windows computer with an Internet connection.
    • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC.
    • Your computer must meet software manufacturer requirements.

    There are no textbook or course material costs to participate in this online program. Student discount on Adobe Creative Cloud software is available to enrolled students.

    What are the Program Costs?

    Sessions College programs are flexible and affordable. There are no textbooks required; tuition costs include all digital materials.

    Tuition and FeesProfessional CertificateProfessional Certificate PLUS
    Registration Fee$200$200
    Total Cost$2,750$3,750

    Paid in Full Discount: Total cost is $2,700 (regularly $2,750) for Professional Certificate students who pay in full. Total cost for Professional Certificate PLUS students who pay in full is $3,700 (regularly $3,750).

    Enrollment in any certificate program requires a $200 registration fee (non-refundable after 5 days of enrollment in the program). All tuition and fees must be paid on time, including those paid by third parties.

    Can I Use a Payment Plan?

    Most definitely. Affording your education is easier with our Payment Plan.

    1. Pay for your Professional Certificate with 11 monthly payments of $250, or pay for your Professional Certificate PLUS with 13 monthly payments of $288.
    2. Once you’ve set up your plan, your payments are automatic.
    3. Your first payment which includes a $200 Registration Fee.


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