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Vocational Certificate Programs - 6 Months

Looking for A Short but Intensive Program?

Our Professional Certificate programs offer both the novice and experienced designer a 6-month program that will enable you to earn skills and build a portfolio for a professional career in the visual arts.  You will study totally online in a flexible learning environment and be taught by a faculty of professional working designers.

You can choose from 6 design areas:  graphic design, web design, multimedia arts, digital arts, marketing design, and fine arts

Once you successfully complete your Professional certificate, you can expand or diversify your skill set by adding one or more of our many many areas of concentration.

Open Enrollment

Apply at any time for vocational program classes that start at the beginning of each month. Our open admissions policy means that you simply have to be 18 or older and have earned a high school diploma or degree to enter the program.

Tuition and Fees

Sessions College vocational programs offer affordable access to a flexible, high-quality education. Find out about tuition and fees and computer hardware and software requirements.

Paying for Your Program

Don't wish to pay your entire tuition up front? Sessions College payment plans allow certificate program students to pay as they go, financing their program with a low up front payment, low monthly payments, and zero interest. Learn about payment plans.

Other ways to afford to finance your vocational program education include:

Military servicemembers can finance their certificate programs by taking advantage of:

What if I Can't Finish in Time?  

Life can get in the way - we get it.  We have a painless $25 a month extension program that will give you up to an additional 12 months to complete your program.

You may re-enroll at a later time if you have not completed your program. Courses will be evaluated for transfer to the new program to ensure that they are applicable to current program prerequisites and curriculum. Students are required to sign a new enrollment agreement and the tuition for re-enrollment is prorated for courses applied towards the new program.

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