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Our fully online Graphic Design Professional Certificate program will provide you the software skills, design knowledge, and professional portfolio needed to effectively compete in this exciting and dynamic field.

Designed for the busy adult learner, this program can be customized to fit your experience level and can be completed in six months on a part time basis.

Once completed, you can continue your studies by adding from a wide array of concentrations or you can participate in our Bridge Program and earn a Associate degree.

Classes start at the beginning of each month. Affordable tuition and easy payment plans make this certificate program your best value in design education.

Fine Arts Courses

Fine arts certificate

As an online Fine Arts Certificate student, you'll develop your skills and experience in traditional media and digital photography. Enrich your vocabulary in the visual arts, exploring the purpose and methodology of art-making. Drawing and painting classes instill a rigorous, traditional approach to representing still life and human subjects with attention to critical concepts of line, mass, form, perspective, value, color, and composition.

Online art courses provide an array of options for self-expression in different art media including drawing, painting, and digital photography.

Already have some art and design experience? You can customize the program around your learning goals, provided you meet core requirements. Check our list of online art courses and complete course list, and talk to an advisor.

Program Standards

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"Sessions provided an inspiring and structured environment to learn the language of painting and drawing. What a rewarding and enjoyable experience!"
- Shymiin Chor, Fine Arts Course.

The goal of the online Fine Arts Certificate program is to build a foundation of fine arts skills in traditional media. You will begin to develop a portfolio of individual creative work. Here are the standards you are expected to meet as an online art school student:

#1 Visual Arts

You will be able to discuss and creatively explore the fundamental visual elements of art and the composition and visual communication techniques used by artists.

#2 Basic Drawing

You will be able to create basic line drawings using pencil and paper following the principles of perspective and proportion. You will be able to identify and draw positive and negative space in a drawing subject.

#3 History of Art

You can identify and discuss the different ways that artists have approached the themes of nature, the human body, realism, religion, and power and protest throughout the ages.

#4 Intermediate Drawing

You will develop drawing skills that show the ability to analyze a subject, represent realistic form and perspective, manipulate value and color, and reflect contemporary stylistic approaches. Your work will be informed by subject, lighting, color, and media choices.

#5 Digital Photography

You will develop a basic ability to handle different kinds of photo shoots including portraits, product shots, indoor and outdoor settings, and fast-action photos. Your photography will show the ability to manipulate framing, perspective, distance, and lighting to get professional results.

#6 Figure Drawing

You will be able to represent through figure drawing the characteristic shapes and proportions of the human face and body in frontal, profile, and three-quarter views. Your work will show a basic ability to represent three-dimensional form, composition, and expression.

#7 Painting

You will demonstrate a basic grasp of traditional painting techniques that enables you to capture proportion, perspective, and lighting in the world around you. Your still life paintings will exhibit different painting techniques and conceptual approaches.


Fine Arts Certificate Online Admissions

Classes in our vocational programs start at the beginning of each month. The Professional Certificate is open admissions: To apply for the program, simply complete our application and select your program options. Applicants are expected to have graduated high school.

"The Fine Arts course produces some incredible drawing and painting work. It's inspiring to see what you can learn in an online art program." – Brenda Meda, Senior Admissions Advisor

Whenever you're ready, talk to our admissions staff to explore program options or attend an Open House.

Don't forget to visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Fine Arts Software and Supplies

supplies for online art school students

To take this online art school program, you'll need a computer with an Internet connection as well as additional software and supplies.

  • A Windows-based or Macintosh computer that meets manufacturers' requirements for required software in the program.
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Basic drawing supplies including pencils, charcoal, newsprint, and sketch paper
  • A digital camera, adjustable ISO and adjustable white balance features recommended

Be sure to visit our Student Store for discounts on hardware and design software. Program customizations or the addition of concentrations (Advanced Certificate) may involve additional requirements. View list of online art courses or our directory of all certificate program courses.

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