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GD USA American Web Design Awards 2012

As online design has continued to grow over the past decade (an estimated 72% of graphic designers are now also involved in aspects of Web design) the American Web Design Awards has made its way into the limelight.

A Gaming Article

On April 4th, the New York Times posted a cover story on what author Sam Anderson calls “stupid games.” Yes, Sam Anderson has openly labeled Angry Birds, along with its posse of mobile games with similar simple and addictive experiences, as “stupid

iPad 3 Retina Display: Trouble in Paradise

Suffering the fate of many new product releases, Apple’s new iPad has been showered with complaints since release. One of the major complaints is about the Retina display. Everything looks better on the new iPad – except for most Web sites, magazines and images.

Behance Network Launches Student Show

The Behance Student Show Gallery supports emerging design students by getting their work in front of creative professionals who can offer advice, critiques or even job positions. And best of all, membership is free!

CityMaps: An Interactive Logo Playground

Urban areas are a mecca for shopping, browsing, exploring, eating and drinking. But how is one to find all them during the daily grind from point A to point B with our faces buried in our smartphones?

Infographics: Are They Here to Stay?

Through information graphics, or infographics, complex information that would normally be heavy in text form can be presented quickly and clearly. We see infographics almost everywhere now.

Pinterest, the Rising Social Media Star

Pinterest.com has been around since 2010. But it has only recently exploded in popularity and given a boost with $37 million in funding. What is Pinterest, and why is it quickly joining the ranks of other top social media sites?

HOW Design 2012 Salary Survey

Are you curious about what other designers in the industry are taking home on pay day? Now you can see if you need to increase or decrease your rate of operation, or finally ask for that raise.