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Online Design Degree Programs

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Sessions College offers an exciting range of online degree programs in the visual arts. Associate degree programs in Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Media, Illustration, and Advertising Design offer a rigorous, affordable course of study for students seeking the skills and qualification for a career in visual design. Online programs make earning a degree in design both practical and affordable.

Our Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) programs offer a strong foundation in visual art and design, written communication, critical thinking, and industry-standard technology. Each program can be completed on a full-time, two-year schedule, or on a part-time, extended schedule. Visit our degree admissions area to find out about tuition and fees, applying for GI Bill® education benefits, and applying for available degree scholarships.

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Associate Degree Programs

  • Graphic Design: Graphic design students learn how to develop solutions to design problems, create design mockups and present work to clients, design for different clients and audiences, control the fundamentals of design, use industry-standard software, and create professional print design projects. Find out how to earn a Graphic Design degree online.
  • Web Design: Web design students learn how to identify the needs of different clients and audiences, manage the many stages of a Web site project, effectively plan and present Web sites, and use design fundamentals and industry-standard technology to create professional Web sites. Find out how to earn a Web Design degree online.
  • Digital Media: Digital media students learn how to plan motion-based projects, build video and animation projects, work with 2D and 3D environments, manage and implement cross-media projects, and combine art and design skills with motion technology to create engaging multimedia work. Find out how to earn a Digital Media degree online.
  • Illustration: Illustration students learn how to represent the world through drawing using traditional and digital media, creating expressive images and graphics for print, the Web, or physical display. Find out how to earn an Illustration degree online.
  • Advertising Design: Advertising Design students learn how to create persuasive ad campaigns by combining visual design skills with copywriting, psychology, and marketing savvy to create effective messages. Find out how to earn an Advertising Design degree online.
  • Digital Photography: Digital Photography students learn the visual language of photography and gain a working knowledge of the equipment, software, and production techniques essential for work in the photographic industry. Find out how to earn a Digital Photography degree online.

For those seeking a credit-bearing certificate, our Undergraduate Certificates in Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Media, Illustration, and Advertising Design each offer a two-semester intensive program. All 24 credits can be later transfered into the related Associate Degree program.

Why is our Associate Degree Program Among the Best Design Degree Programs Online?

The Sessions College Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degrees are developed to prepare students for careers. We focus on design, and we don’t believe you need to spend countless years in school to develop professional skill. Our Associate degree programs offer:

  • Credit hours heavily weighted toward art and design classes
  • Complete design career preparation
  • An ability to graduate with an extensive portfolio of design work
  • Classes taught by working design professionals including top names in the field
  • A portfolio-building capstone project
  • 72 credits of concentrated studies, completed over two years

Why Choose Sessions College to earn your Degree in Design?

Founded in 1997 as, Sessions College is the first accredited online school of design. Our online Associate degree programs in graphic design, Web design, and digital media provide a rigorous program based on creative projects, discussion, and critique.

Sessions College for Professional Design is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency and is a recognized member of The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Read more about Sessions College accreditation and approvals.

We encourage you to browse our online degree courses, meet our faculty members, read about the student experience, and compare us to other Associate degree programs. Not sure if a degree is the right path for you? Explore our Undergraduate Certificate programs and compare courses, requirements, and objectives, or explore our vocational programs.


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