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5 Feel-Good Artists to Follow on Behance

If you're not already hooked on Behance, our list of feel-good artists should offer a look into the diverse range of styles featured across the site!

Who Designed It? The Grunge Typography of David Carson

Today's "Who Designed It?" celebrates designer David Carson, whose first book, The End of Print, is considered the best-selling graphic design book of all time.

Packaging Design for Summer

How do marketers and designers handle the challenge of seasonally-appropriate packaging? A showcase of our favorite examples.

Notes from a Studio Tour

What's it like to work at that company? We invaded the cool, lofty, Mac-filled offices of two creative companies in SF to see how they work.

SF Design Week, A Deep Dive Into Design

What's happening out west? Program notes from the Bay Area's annual meeting of design minds.

Underground Branding: SVA Subway Poster Exhibition

It's true, many of the greatest designers in the world have designed subway ads for SVA.

Art That Moves

How are you inspired? What makes your head settle, what do you do to find inspiration? For me personally, it's movement. A walk, a run, a bicycle ride will make me feel like all is right in the world.

Maurice Sendak

RIP Maurice Sendak, may we all venture forth to find our own Wild Things and have our own Wild Rumpuses. Thank you for paving the way of adventurers. Life has hard parts, and life has scary parts, even when you're a kid.