Digital arts course work Illustration in progress by instructor Andrew Shalat from the Digital Illustration Advanced course. Learn illustration and photography in online digital arts courses.

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Digital Arts Courses Online

Digital Arts Courses

Sessions College offers a selection of online Digital Arts courses for students in the Digital Arts Certificate program or for individual enrollment. Training entirely online, you can build your creative and technical skills in photography and illustration.

Digital Arts Course Highlights

If you're just starting out, foundation courses in color, composition and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop will enable you to create compelling digital artwork. Advanced courses in topics like digital illustration and color correction will help you polish your technique and create portfolio pieces that look highly professional.

Digital arts course student William Chislum at work William used the Digital Arts Certificate program to explore new creative interests. Learn more.

If photography is your passion, you may also want to consider courses in digital photography, retouching, and color correction to help you present your best shots. Students interested in gaining advanced software skills may consider our Photoshop courses and Illustrator courses. Students considering developing their traditional art skills will benefit from our Fine Arts courses.

Click on any of the Digital Arts courses below to read a complete syllabus of requirements, instructors, objectives, and a course outline:

Interested? Sessions College offers beginner and advanced courses in digital arts for professional training and development. You can enroll in digital arts courses online in the Digital Arts Certificate program or an individual basis.

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