Orientation to Sessions

Getting Started


Once you’re enrolled at Sessions College, there’s plenty to do before your classes start. To make life easier, we’ve prepared this College Readiness Checklist! Use the list below as a guide, to see if you’re prepared for the upcoming semester.

  • I’ve marked my start date on my calendar
  • I’ve logged into Canvas to begin my Orientation course
  • I’ve gathered any necessary software, supplies, and other materials to start my classes
  • I know who my student advisor is or who to contact in Student Services
  • I know who to contact if I have questions about my financial aid
  • I have ensured that all of my contact information is updated so that Sessions staff can reach me
  • I have followed Sessions College on social media for regular updates and bookmarked Sessions Campus News.


When does Orientation start and why it it important?

Once you complete registration, you will be enrolled into an online Orientation class. This is a requirement to help you get familiar with Canvas, our learning management system. Plus it’s a fun way to learn how to post and interact within the learning environment!

Orientation typically opens one month from the start date of a semester. You will be notified when enrolled and you should make sure you complete it before the semester starts.

Can I wait until my financial aid is disbursed to purchase my program materials?

Generally, financial aid can take up to 45 days after the start date to be disbursed. Therefore, students are expected to have access to all necessary materials, prior to their semester start. If you have any concerns about this, contact Admissions or Student Services right away.

When can I expect to hear from my student advisor?

Your student advisor will be in touch with you for a welcome call 1-2 weeks prior to your semester start. Please keep an eye out for any calls or emails from them! Once you begin your program, you can expect weekly check-ins from your advisor during your first month and monthly check-ins thereafter. Your advisor will make sure you are on track throughout your program.

I submitted a scholarship essay, when will I find out the results?

Awards are generally reviewed within the first semester of a traditional start date (Jan, Apr, Aug) and then recipients are notified via email and will receive a formal letter in the mail.

What software, supplies, or materials do I need?

All students need access to a computer that meets Adobe Creative Cloud system requirements, and a subscription to Adobe CC. There are NO textbooks required in any course!

Visit this page for program-specific technology requirements including software, supplies, and materials.

Important: Photography students will need to own or have access to a standalone digital camera with manual control over ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and White Balance, that allows for shooting in RAW format. If you are a photography student and do not have a camera at this point, please contact Admissions right away.

What if I run into issues in my course?

For any academic question about your course, contact your instructor right away through the Canvas course mail system. If you have any other question (schedule, transcripts, learning environment, and so on) about your course or program, your designated Student Services advisor is there to help. Contact them by email, phone, or through Canvas.

Can’t find your question listed above? No problem! You can always check the school catalog, or contact your Admissions Advisor with your specific concern.

Connect with Sessions

Login questions, schedule, course information.
advisor@sessions.edu480-212-1704 x150
Billing inquiries, payment, transaction receipts.   

480-212-1704 x105

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