Academic Team


Meet the faculty who teach at Sessions College. Our faculty members are industry-leading artists and designers who bring together decades of professional and educational experience to deliver excellent courses and online instruction.

Andrew Shalat is an author, designer/illustrator, educator, and Mac expert.

Bill Drastal is a cartoonist and animator with game industry experience.

Boris Margolin is a veteran graphic designer.

Bruce Bicknell is a writer, illustrator, animator, Web designer, video editor, and marketing pro.

Carolyn Zaikowski is an author and educator with degrees in psychology and creative writing.

Catherine George is a digital media designer, developer, and instructor.

Felicia Kieselhorst is a veteran wedding and product photographer.

Fiorella Shalat is a sculptor, textile artist, and art educator.

Gil Mejia is a director in a digital marketing and advertising company.

Greg Marlow is a freelance animator and digital artist.

James Smith is a graphic artist and illustrator.

Jill Mott is a photographer, journalist, and educator.

Jordon Schranz is an audio/visual artist and designer.

Jose Ramos is an Adobe Certified Design Master with his own design and consulting studio.

Kevin Hedgpeth is an artist, illustrator, animator, and educator.

Kristen Becker is an educator, graphic designer, and entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce.

Laura Osteen is a graphic designer, animator, and visual effects artist.

Lynne Cuda is an IT professional who specializes in information systems.

Margaret Penney is a teacher, designer, writer and media artist.

Meryl Epstein is the Dean of Academic Affairs for Sessions College.

Michael Hamm is a senior visual designer, Web developer, and all-round Illustrator guru.

Michelle Paul is an accountant with over 30 years of experience in accounting and management in higher education.

Natalie La Scala is a Denver-based media artist and educator.

Piper Nilsson is a graphic/Web designer and award-winning instructor.

Tamara Pavlock is a designer dedicated to inspiring learning, art and creative thinking, and student success.

Taz Tally is an industry-leading expert in digital imaging and pre-press techniques.

Walt Dombrowski is an experienced web developer and trainer.

Program Options: Bachelor's Degree | Associate Degree | Undergraduate Certificate | Vocational Certificate