Academic Team


Meet the faculty who teach at Sessions College. Our faculty members are industry-leading artists and designers who bring together decades of professional and educational experience to deliver excellent courses and online instruction.

Alyson Titkemeyer is a videographer, editor and documentarian.

Andrew Shalat is an author, designer/illustrator, educator, and Mac expert.

Bill Drastal is a cartoonist and animator with game industry experience.

Boris Margolin is a veteran graphic designer.

Bruce Bicknell is a writer, illustrator, animator, Web designer, video editor, and marketing pro.

Carolyn Zaikowski is a writer and educator with degrees in psychology and creative writing.

Catherine George is a digital media designer, developer, and instructor.

Felicia Kieselhorst is a veteran wedding and product photographer.

Fiorella Shalat is a sculptor, textile artist, and art educator.

Geoph Essex is a Web developer, programmer, animator, and educator.

Greg Marlow is a freelance animator and digital artist.

James Smith is a graphic artist and illustrator.

Jeremy Bratt is a brand designer, consultant, and account director.

Jessica Peltz is an experienced creative director who has won advertising awards.

Jordon Schranz is an audio/visual artist and designer.

Jose Ramos is an Adobe Certified Design Master with his own design and consulting studio.

Kristen Becker is an educator, graphic designer, and entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce.

Len Kornblau is an advertising professional and educator.

Lynne Cuda is an IT professional who specializes in information systems.

Margaret Penney is a teacher, designer, writer and media artist.

Matthew Williams is an award-winning freelance photographer.

Michael Hamm is a senior visual designer, Web developer, and all-round Illustrator guru.

Patrick Hogan is an experienced designer and educator.

Piper Nilsson is a graphic/Web designer and award-winning instructor.

Taz Tally is an industry-leading expert in digital imaging and pre-press techniques.

Program Options: Associate Degree | Undergraduate Certificate | Vocational Certificate