Launch Your Creative Career

Associate Degrees

Our rigorous 2-year Associate Degree programs ensure you will be ready to launch a successful creative career as a design professional. Collaborate with a community of creative learners and industry professionals who will guide you through your projects and help you build a portfolio. Choose from Associate Degree programs in Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Media, Illustration, Advertising Design, or Digital Photography.

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Associate Degree Program Features

Learn Professional Practices

Designed for high school graduates and adult learners, the program offers a strong foundation in visual design and a working knowledge of contemporary software and production techniques. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on a professional workflow that involves research, practice, and critique.

Develop Deeper Career Skills

A general education curriculum develops students’ proficiency in critical thinking and written communication and a foundation in psychology, marketing, business, computer technology, writing, and art history. Students are expected to apply the approaches and ideas acquired in the general education program in their art/design coursework.

Build a Portfolio with Faculty Mentoring

The program will focus on helping students build a body of work through expert faculty mentoring and critique. Small classes combine personal attention with peer-to-peer interaction, and second-year students gain essential career preparation training in a capstone project and portfolio review.