Creative Learner Scholarship

Awards of $500-$3000 applied to program tuition. APPLY NOW for Next Class:

June 3, 2024 Mid-Term.


The Creative Learner Scholarship program makes online education more accessible for a wide range of traditional students and adult learners. The program invites applications from prospective degree students in the following creative learner categories: Career Changer, International Student, 24/7 Parent, Bridge Student, Entrepreneur, AOS>BFA, and First Generation student. The program is open to applicants to Associate Degree and Bachelor's Degree programs.

Applicants must complete an essay during the process of applying to the program. Scholarship awards are based on the quality of essays submitted and are judged prior to the start of each term. Winners receive awards of $500-$3000 applied to their entire program tuition.

Browse scholarship options below and upload your essay on this page.

Career Changer Scholarship

What if you always wanted to go to art/design school or utilize your right brain for a living? We’ve helped people in all lines of work develop creative skills for career changes.

How to Apply: Scholarship applicants will submit an essay of no more than 500 words entitled “My Creative Career Change.” Describe your career and explain why you are pursuing a career change to a creative role. All applicants must also submit complete degree application materials by the application deadline. Applicants in this category may be asked to provide a professional resume and two professional references.

24/7 Parent Scholarship

What’s more creative than being a mom (or dad)? Nothing, except perhaps earning a degree in Graphic Design, Digital Media, Illustration, Photography, and more… With our flexible online programs, we’ve been fortunate to work with countless moms (and dads) to help them pursue a creative education as they hold down the fort.

How to Apply: Scholarship applicants will submit an essay of no more than 500 words entitled “Educating Mommy (or Daddy).” Describe the challenges of going to school as a primary home childcare provider and explain why an online program will help you overcome those challenges. Applicants must be the primary provider of childcare in their household. Award recipients may be asked to provide evidence to validate their parenting role.

Bridge Student Scholarship

Sessions College career certificate programs have always been a breeding ground of talent. Product designers, art directors, interactive leads, and agency heads are among our many thousands of certificate program graduates. Certificate program graduates can transfer up to 24 credits into an Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree programs. (See Bridge Program.)

How to Apply: Scholarship applicants will submit an essay of no more than 500 words entitled “Why Online Learning Works for Me.” Describe what makes online learning the perfect solution for your education. Bridge scholarship awards will be based on the grades and overall quality of certificate program work. Applicants must be graduates of Professional Certificate programs who started programs in Fall 2015 or later. 

AOS to BFA Scholarship

Our BFA programs offer an unparalleled opportunity for our returning Associate Degree program graduates to earn a BFA in just four semesters. The program has unique features: customized study plan, a focus on research and presentation, work experience component, and more. A limited number of scholarships will be available each term to assist eligible AOS program graduates with their pursuit of the BFA.

How to Apply: Scholarship applicants will submit an essay of no more than 500 words entitled “What Earning a BFA Means to Me” Describe why you believe the BFA program is the right program for you to hone your talents and pursue your specific creative or career goals.

1st Generation Student Scholarship

Getting into college is a goal throughout our society. Beyond the pure value of getting an education, studies show that earning a degree correlates with better career prospects and higher income. According to a NASPA study, 56% of undergraduates in the U.S. in 2015-16 were first-generation college students; neither parent had a neither parent had a bachelor’s degree, and they were the oldest sibling in the family to pursue a degree.

How to Apply:  Scholarship applicants will submit an essay of no more than 500 words entitled “First in My Family.” Describe the difference a degree in your chosen major will make to you and your family. Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are able to document their family education background. Applicants must document their financial need via a completed FAFSA application.

International Student Scholarship

Founded by designers from three continents, Sessions College has always been a truly international school. We’ve graduated students from more than 90 countries. We believe in reaching an international community of students to foster art/design talent all over the globe.

How to Apply: Scholarship applicants will submit an essay of no more than 500 words entitled “Creativity in [My City or Country of Origin].” Describe why earning a creative visual arts degree will help you build a career that will benefit your local community, city, or country. Applicants must not be citizens or residents of the United States. Proof of nationality will be required of potential scholarship winners.


Entrepreneur Scholarship

You don’t have to be Steve Jobs to understand that creativity and business go together. At Sessions College, we’ve given many thousands of students the tools to get their careers started in creative careers. Do you have a creative vision for a company and need well-rounded art and design skills to get there? Or a business goal that demands better design skills? Let us help you get there.

How to Apply: Scholarship applicants will submit an essay of no more than 500 words entitled “Creativity is Good Business.” Describe your business or your business idea, and explain how gaining professional art/design skills will help you launch or grow your business. Award recipients will be asked to provide evidence to validate their business experience.

Scholarship Deadlines

TermApplication Deadline
August 2024July 15th, 2024
January 2025November 15th, 2024
April 2025March 15th, 2025


Eligible degree students can earn an adult learner scholarship to make college more affordable. To apply for a scholarship you must meet eligibility criteria and submit a scholarship essay in addition to completing the application and submitting general degree application materials.

1. How to Apply
  • Applicants must submit their scholarship essay by the scholarship application deadline and all general degree application materials by the beginning of term.
  • Scholarship awards will be announced prior to the beginning of term.
  • Potential winners will be asked to verify their eligibility for a scholarship. (For example, an International Student will be asked to verify their citizenship. Applicants who are unable to document eligibility will not receive an award.)
2. Award Rules
  • A scholarship award is applied to your total course price. Along with any transfer credits you are eligible for, a scholarship will reduce your program costs.
  • You cannot be awarded a Creative Learner Scholarship in more than one category or combine the award with an enrollment benefit. However, a scholarship may be combined with our sources of aid, such as Federal Student Aid and GI Bill® education benefit, if you are eligible for such funding.
  • All scholarship decisions are at the discretion of the scholarship awards committee.
  • For program cancellations, scholarship awards are not part of refundable tuition.
3. Maintaining Eligibility

In order to maintain scholarship funding throughout your program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a full-time or part-time schedule with a minimum of 9 credits/semester throughout your program, with no leaves of absence.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress each semester (GPA of 2.0 and other measures apply).
  • Have no outstanding balances or tuition or other charges.
  • Observe all standards outlined in the Sessions College student code of conduct.


Use the form below to enter your information and submit your scholarship essay as a PDF via email to Please bear in mind that your scholarship application will be not processed until you have also completed a program application.

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