About Sessions College

Reviews and Testimonials

We believe in delivering a great student experience. That’s why year after year, over 90% of students say are satisfied with their programs and would recommend Sessions College to a friend. Here’s what some students and recent graduates had to say about their experience at Sessions College.

Degree Programs

Jason Maclean profile

“I do quality assurance and design reviews for all work that goes out our door, and the majority of my techniques used for this were learned or developed at Sessions College.”
– Jason Maclean, Associate Degree in Graphic Design

Kyle Gilbreath profile

“Every class I took during my time here has been a collaborative effort for everyone to learn the techniques and get better…”
– Kyle Gilbreath, Associate Degree in Graphic Design

Nayla Smith profile image

“I came to like design as an adult, when I decided to begin studying here at Sessions. I love how design is all about details, consistency, clarity, and precision.”
– Nayla Smith, Associate Degree in Graphic Design

“Since starting with Sessions, my understanding of both the technologies and the theories behind design has greatly improved. Having a stronger handle on what I’m doing has given me a lot more confidence in my designing, allowing me to push myself and experiment more.”

Natasha Gonzales

Associate Degree in Web Design

“This degree is unique as it provides students with a foundation in art and design theory, improves proficiency in design technologies, and allows adult learners to complete this degree on a busy schedule.”

Sharzad Miar

Associate Degree in Graphic Design

“Since coming to Sessions I have found that my technical skills have expanded a lot. I can now take my vision and make it a reality with the Adobe software programs. Having some basic knowledge in color theory, design and composition, and typography helps me make smarter design choices.”

Scott Warren

Associate Degree in Web Design

“This program really opened up my ability to research, discover and see inspiration all around me. I was able to use what I learned to develop designs that sync well with the needs and wants of others while maintaining my own personal touch and originality.”

Shay Mossing

Associate Degree in Graphic Design

“At Sessions I get to constantly work at my craft, develop new skills each day, and grow both as a person and as a designer.”

Certificate Programs

Kurt Cummings profile

“What was most fun was learning new things in design? There’s something about that eureka moment you get when you discover a design principle that you know is going to improve your work!”
– Kurt Cummings, Marketing Design Certificate

Anita Riedner Profile

“I decided not to lose any time and improve my skills in graphic and Web design. Taking a program has allowed me to show my thoughtful, creative, and artistic sides.”
– Anita Riedner, Web Design Certificate

Erin Stenzel profile

“I realized that I could create a niche for myself by combining my ‘eye for design’ and my business acumen.”
– Erin Stenzel, Marketing Design Certificate

“Sessions College was the only college that had all the classes that I was looking for in one program. You even have the opportunity to customize the program after your level of experience. Another very important factor was up to date material; You want to learn the newest material and technology to be on top of your game.”

Nina Horten

Graphic Design Advanced Certificate

“I looked at local art and design schools, but knew I needed greater flexibility. Sessions College was the perfect fit. I could read lectures from my iPad, brainstorm creative ideas while carpooling my girls, and practice software techniques on my computer day or night.”

Heather Baden

Marketing Design Certificate

“My photography and video work have improved exponentially since I began my certificate program at Sessions. The classes in digital photography, Photoshop, and digital video editing have catapulted my artistic and technical skills to new levels. I now have a much broader understanding of each of these subjects, along with a much-improved portfolio.”

Linda Sue Kocsis

Digital Arts Advanced Certificate

“The biggest difference I have seen in my work is the ability to more quickly and adeptly manage the graphics work I do at my full-time job. I am one of two graphic designers who support the product designers, researchers, engineers and marketers at our firm. Being able to help those teams efficiently and build new skills into our offering has been very helpful.”

Corin Ludwig

Graphic Design Advanced Certificate

Military Students

Chris Deprater profile

“You cannot beat online college as a way of continuing your education when you are in the military. There are no issues with having to order textbooks, as all course material is online.”
Chris Deprater, Associate Degree in Graphic Design, Associate Degree in Web Design

Myriam Keaton profile

“The instructors have top credentials and experience and are always there to offer a new perspective, as well as valuable coaching and mentoring.”
Myriam Keaton, Associate Degree in Graphic Design

William Chislum profile

“My confidence in my work has greatly increased because now I can connect a name, a technique, or definition to concepts that were otherwise obscure. It’s given me a disciplined approach to projects.”
– William Chislum, Digital Arts Certificate

“The program greatly enhanced my ability to produce engaging content and put a finished touch to my productions. The sense of accomplishment after each semester is one of the greatest feelings and people tell me it shows in my work.”

Eric Clayborn

Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Media

“I knew that I needed to strengthen my skills in Graphic Design as well as be able to take classes while moving all over the country and found Sessions to be just the right fit.”

Annetta Killian

Graphic Design Advanced Certificate

“When I had questions, the student advisors were on top of getting them answered as quickly as possible. They were interested in helping me achieve my degree.”

Kim Wood

Associate Degree in Graphic Design

“It says a lot about the credibility of Sessions College as a learning institution that the program wasn’t easy. Your curriculum and the instructors always encouraged me to do my best work and we all know that doesn’t mean you can ‘phone it in.'”

Glenn Goodwin

Multimedia Arts Certificate

International Students

Hiba Abugosh profile image

“I plan to use my double major to gain experience and eventually start my own design firm…”
– Hiba Abugosh, Associate Degree in Graphic DesignAssociate Degree in Web Design

Jaana Halme profile

“I believe that the skills I have learned during this program will definitely help me to achieve my goal, a career as a freelance artist and illustrator.”
Janna Halme, Digital Arts Certificate

Shymiin Chor profile

“Sessions provided an inspiring and structured environment to learn the language of painting and drawing. What a rewarding and enjoyable experience!”
Shymiin Chor, Fine Arts Certificate

“The flexibility of online studies have greatly contributed to my success at Sessions. I was able to maintain my everyday life, while I am enrolled in school full time.”

Carman Vargas

Associate Degree in Digital Media, THE BAHAMAS

“I was completely satisfied with the learning process, the course material, and the instructor feedback in the program. I wouldn’t have considered any other college than Sessions to complete my design education.”

Yulia Yushina

Associate Degree in Graphic Design, SPAIN

“Where I live my design school options are limited. I found that Sessions College online programs are internationally accredited and offered me the educational foundation that I was looking for.”

Erin Ramsdale

Associate Degrees in Web Design, Graphic Design, BC, CANADA

“A beautiful, distinctive, thoughtful design can make an enormous difference to how people receive information. It can turn heads, thoughts, opinions, and moods, literally bringing an idea or concept to life.”

Lesley Malachowski

Graphic Design Advanced Certificate, SOUTH AFRICA