About Sessions College

Reviews and Testimonials

We believe in delivering a great student experience. That’s why year after year, over 90% of degree students say are satisfied with their programs and would recommend Sessions College to a friend. Here’s what some students and recent graduates had to say about their experience at Sessions College.

Whether you’re brand new to art or you have extensive experience and want to learn something new, an online art school provides flexibility and variety, and the option to continue working while you go to school.

Micky Jordan

BFA in Graphic Design, current student

Online classes allow students to learn self-discipline, time management, and effective communication. I wasn’t at a point in my life where 8am classes, parking fees, and long commutes was feasible. Online studying gives a student more freedom to achieve their goals.

Kylie Welsh

BFA in Graphic Design, Class of 2022

Sessions College provided exactly what I was looking for, even though I wasn’t an “artist” with a portfolio. I wanted to better educate myself in the fine arts and learn the basics of drawing and painting. I have been able to travel and take my studies with me. I really like that I can go online anytime and work on one of my courses!

Joell Restad

Fine Arts Certificate, Class of 2023

This was a fantastic alternative to traditional school. I feel like the instructors made it easy for me to learn with written and video instructions. I’m looking forward to applying my knowledge that I have now in video production.

Dallas Crawford

Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Media, Class of 2023

I’ve always been a creative person, but have never had any real artistic abilities. I finally feel like I have an outlet for my over-analytical brain to create art through building beautiful, functional websites. For the first time in my professional career, work doesn’t feel like work.

Justin Moss

Professional Certificate in Web Design, Class of 2022

The flexibility is great! Working full time, I was able to adjust my credit load, and the end-of-week deadlines enable students to work at their own pace.

Adrienne Schauman

Associate Degree in Illustration, Class of 2022

Sessions online program has allowed me to overcome the hurdles of my financial and schedule restrictions, and it has been an absolutely life-changing experience. To have everything I was learning come together in a new medium was a truly amazing feeling—challenging, rewarding, revelatory…you name it. It felt great.

Maggie Brownstone

BFA in Illustration, Current student

I had thought about a degree in Digital Arts for a long time but couldn’t commit to another BA or an AA degree. The Sessions Professional Certificate has been perfect for me so far in terms of timing, flexibility, and cost.

Jeanne Gonzalez

Digital Arts Professional Certificate, Class of 2022

My experience at Sessions College for Professional Design has been full of new learning experiences in digital photography including Lightroom and Photoshop. The professors are top-notch professionals in their field and outstanding educators. The lessons they have developed for the program and their outstanding feedback have helped me develop new skills as a photographer.

Douglas Gorham

Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Photography, Class of 2023

I already have a BFA, but earning an online certificate will add to my credentials. My primary goal of enrolling is to get solid design skills. I am a working freelancer, and new projects can kick in at any time. Allowing me to study at home at my own pace is important.

On On Lao

Professional Certificate in Graphic Design

The flexibility of being home, in my studio doing my classwork online is fantastic! I find that I work harder when I’m at home because I lose track of time and end up spending so much more time studying; and I can do it on my own schedule.

James Warren

Associate Degree in Digital Photography, Class of 2021

My goals are to use what I have learned at Sessions College and apply it to my personal business as a digital illustrator. I have already gotten a few clients throughout the school semester and I am currently in the process of working on a book deal with a self-published author as an illustrator.

Melissa Panzarella

Associate Degree in Illustration, Class of 2021

Studying online has allowed me to be able to have a flexible schedule for my photography clients, and schedule shoots whenever I need to. It has taught me so much in such a short amount of time, and I’ve been able to apply that to my work!

Paige Windus

Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Photography, Class of 2020

Before I started at Sessions, I felt unsure of where to even start with building a portfolio. What kind of graphic design work is most sought after these days? Posters? Online ads? Book covers? These are all questions that have been answered during my time in this program. I feel much more confident in continuing to pursue graphic design as my career.

Audrey Potter

Professional Certificate in Graphic Design, Class of 2020

Associate Degree in Graphic Design

There is no way I could have taught myself everything I’ve learned in school. The programs are so vast and basically unlimited, you have to have someone walk you through them in an organized way. The classes build on each other and you end up using things you’ve learned in previous classes for following classes.

Rachel Herring

Associate Degree in Graphic Design, Class of 2020

Working online is truly a blessing as I can work in my free time and have time to assist and support my veteran and my family. Sessions College makes this possible; it is a well structured program and the professionalism of the instructors and staff is outstanding.

Juliana Satele

Associate Degree in Digital Photography, Class of 2020

I have used many of the skills that I’ve learned from these classes in developing a few items for my employer for job fairs such as flyers and display boards. I am also planning to use these skills to work on a few personal projects.

Ashley Rich

Professional Certificate in Marketing Design, Class of 2020

If I had two challenges finding a school, it was finding one that was both flexible and practical (not one or the other). Although I’m mostly settled now, I still need to travel often, on top of work. As a result, I thoroughly appreciate that I can do those things and also pursue a degree. Not just that, but it is up-to-date instruction, with challenging coursework, and with an active, relevant faculty.

Kerstin Hunt

Associate Degree in Graphic Design, Class of 2020