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Consumer Information

When you’re applying to college, you need to understand the big picture. First find a program that’s right for you, then ask about outcomes. What is the student profile? How do graduation rates compare to other schools? Are graduates satisfied and do they find the creative employment they seek?

Updated for 2021, this page is our guide to consumer information based on our DEAC Annual Report and IPEDs surveys.

Student Profile

Sessions College attracts a diverse audience of nontraditional students from all over the world. Our students range in age from 18 to 75, with a median age of 30. 65% of our students are women. 30% of our students identify as minorities. 50% of our students are employed part or full time time during their programs.

Academic Programs

We offer a wide range of Degree and Vocational programs in Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Media, Illustration, Digital Photography, and more.

Degree Programs

Bachelor's Degree
The 120-credit Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree is our premier program.

Associate Degree
The 72-credit Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) program is available in the following majors. Part-time schedules and financial aid are available for eligible students.

Vocational Programs

Professional Certificate

Vocational Certificate programs provide flexible, instructor led programs completed in 9-12 months. The following affordable programs are available with classes starting each month.

Advanced Certificate

A range of Advanced Certificate programs offer additional customized study options.

Enrollment Data

Annual Enrollment


Degree Programs


Source: 2020 DEAC Annual Report

Vocational Programs


International Students

Founded in 1997, we’ve enrolled students from every state and territory in the United States and graduated students from more than 90 countries around the world.

Around 10% of our degree or certificate students attend classes from outside the United States. In 2020, we worked with students from Canada, Bahamas, India, Philippines, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Ecuador, Guadeloupe, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Graduation Rates

Our faculty and advisors are focused on helping students succeed. Based on NCES data, our graduation rates greatly exceed than the national average graduation rate of 33% for students attending 2-year colleges (see NCES data.)

Our current official NCES graduation rate for degree level programs is 50%, based on first-time, full-time students graduating with 150% (see College Navigator). Additionally, the College Scorecard site, which evaluates the graduation rate for degree level programs over a longer period, calculates our graduation rate as 67%.


Associate Degree and Undergraduate Certificate 50%
National Average for two-year colleges 33%

Source: College Navigator, first-time, full-time students

Associate Degree 47.4%
Undergraduate Certificate 54.5%
Professional Certificate 46.2%
Advanced Certificate 45.9%

Source: 2020 DEAC Annual Report, all students

Graduate Employment

We don’t offer job placement services, but our graduates report a high rate of success in advancing their careers and getting a creative job—at rates that compare favorably with traditional schools.

  Employed In Field
Associate Degree 79% 52.6%
Undergraduate Certificate 65% 29.5%
Professional Certificate 80% 56%
Advanced Certificate 75% 58.3%

Source: 2020 Graduate Employment Survey

Job Titles

In 2020, our graduates reported employment in the following positions: Graphic Designer, LogoMaker, Printing Services Specialist, Marketing Team Lead, Promotions Director, Creative Office, Account Executive, Illustrator, Design Assistant, Freelance Photographer, Marketing Coordinator, Artistic Director, E-Commerce Marketing Director, Audio Visual, and Website QA Specialist.

Student Satisfaction

We want our students to succeed, and so we strive for excellence in our teaching and customer service. Our goal is consistently high student satisfaction. View graduate testimonials.

  Achieved My Goals Recommend to a Friend Overall Satisfaction
Associate Degree 98.6% 98.6% 98.6%
Undergraduate Certificate 85.9% 85.9% 91.5%
Professional Certificate 98.6% 98.6% 98.6%
Advanced Certificate 85.9% 85.9% 91.5%



Source: 2020 DEAC Annual Report.

Methodology Statement
  • Student profile and enrollment data based on DEAC 2020 Annual Report. Enrollment data does not include non-program enrollments and partner school programs.
  • Graduation rates based on DEAC 2020 Annual Report with 150% completion.
  • Cohorts: Associate Degree – January 1, 2017, December 31, 2017; Undergraduate Certificate – January 1, 2019, December 31, 2019; Professional and Advanced Certificate – January 1, 2019, December 31, 2019.
  • Employment rates data based on third party verified employment data, using the same cohorts as graduation rates.
  • Satisfaction rates based on course completion surveys, 2020 DEAC Annual Report.
  • Job title data based on third party verified employment data for 2020.
  • For more information on national college graduation rates for 2-year colleges, visit the NCES site.
  • For more information on the percentage of adult learners in U.S. higher education visit the AASCU site.