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Fall 2022

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Department Head of Illustration Jordon Schranz is an audio/visual artist and designer whose work has been exhibited internationally in New York, Chicago, El Paso, Berlin, Bogotá, and Ciudad Juárez. In addition he has performed hundreds of shows across the United States as part of the free jazz trio, “The Eastern Seaboard” and in the avant-rock group “Quivers” with Ninni Morgia, including New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and Detroit.

Dr. Meryl P. Epstein is the Dean of Academic Affairs for Sessions College. In her role, Dr Epstein strives to inspire excellence and is consistently focused on supporting the creative and positive environment of Sessions College. Prior to joining Sessions College, Meryl has extensive experience in design, education, and leading academic teams and has served as Dean of Academic Affairs, Program Chair, Doctoral Development Faculty, Art Director, Graphic Design Manager, Faculty member (online and on-ground), and Exhibiting Artist/Photographer. Highlights from her career include implementing and leading the graphic design of three different museums (Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Arizona Science Center, and Arizona Historical Museum) and receiving the first Arizona AIGA fellow award.

Gordon Drummond is the President of Sessions College. Gordon is an educator and instructional designer with a passion for art, design, and technology who joined Sessions in 2001. As President, Gordon’s role is to provide the leadership to help our school directors achieve their goals in education, operations, marketing, and student services teams. His key tasks include managing accreditation, licensing, and relations with government agencies and other institutions, coordinating strategic and educational planning, and representing the school at conferences, seminars, Webinars, and other public events. Outside of Sessions College, Gordon has an extensive record of service in school and college accreditation. Gordon served on the Middle States Association Commission on Secondary Schools from 2007-2015, where he was Commission Chair from 2013-15 and served on the Middle States Board of Trustees. Since June 2017, he has served on the board of the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC). Gordon holds a Master’s in English Literature from The University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

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