Career Programs

Extensions and Re-Entry

What academic policies apply to students seeking to extend or return and complete a Career Certificate program? On this page are policies for Professional Certificate, Professional Certificate PLUS, and Concentrations.

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Program Extensions

The Enrollment Agreement for a Sessions College Career Certificate program provides a guarantee of service for the duration of the student’s program.

Professional Certificate program9 months (39 weeks)
Professional Certificate PLUS12 months (52 weeks)
Concentration3 months (13 weeks)

After the expiration of the above time periods, the enrollment agreement is void.

Career Certificate students who reach their program end date and need more time can continue their enrollment for up to 6 additional months at a rate of $50/month, provided they have completed Level I of the Professional Certificate program. The program is an automatic payment plan. Students simply set up an automatic charge of $50 per month on their credit card, which will continue until the earliest of their cancellation, program completion, or 6 months. No partial month refunds are permitted, one extension is permitted per program, and extensions must be booked within one month of program end date.

Returning Students

Career program students who do not complete their programs within the period of their contract and any permitted extensions must re-enroll. A returning student may be awarded credit towards a new program for courses completed with passing grades. Courses completed will be evaluated for transfer to the new program to ensure that they are applicable to current program prerequisites and curriculum. Students are required to sign a new enrollment agreement and pay a $200 Registration Fee. Program tuition for re-enrollment is prorated at $75/lesson for the courses required to complete the new program. Returning students are provided with six months of access to complete their programs. Standard withdrawal and refund policies apply in a six month program contract.